About Us

Welcome to CanMyPetEatThis.com!

So, you want to get to know us better? You’ve come to the right place. This website was born during an evening at home while we just cleaned up the table after dinner. Because we hate to throw away food, we often give some leftovers to our pets. But … can they actually eat that? Usually, pet owners are quite savvy and know – not every food that’s good for humans is good for the pets, too. But just in case people are not sure, we are building this compendium website.

We want to make sure everything is actually safe for our furry friends – that’s why every article written on this website is being reviewed by a professional.

Learn about the team here on this site!


Head Honcho

Eric Tolfer

Eric is the mastermind behind the website and is responsible for putting it all together – from the website, the domain, the layout and anything that needs organizing.

He grew up with pets around him – with a huge Bernese mountain dog and two cats. That meant there was always something to do in the house – cleaning, feeding, long walks, or some playtime.

The dog’s favorite dish: Fried pig ears…

Clinical Veterinarian

Dr. Saba Afzal, DVM, RVMP

I am a clinical veterinarian and a professional content writer. I am determined to disseminate ideas worth spreading to pet owners everywhere around the world. As an experienced veterinarian, I am dedicated to delivering accurate and updated knowledge to pet owners. My expertise is in Microbiology, Biotechnology, Pets Animal Management and handling, and training. 



The actual Boss


Make no mistake – the actual, real and true boss behind CanMyPetEatThis.com is this little guy. By being Chief of procrastination, Chief Snack Officer and Chief Cat Officer Polar does hold three of the most important positions in this business.

Just making sure that everything is purrfect….