Can turtles eat chicken?


Can turtles eat chicken? If you have recently brought a turtle to your home and wonder can turtles eat chicken? the answer is simple.

 Yes, your turtle can eat chicken; there is nothing harmful or toxic in the chicken. You need to offer it once or twice a month because the major component of their diet should be plant-based.

Different turtles eat different foods. Biology says that their jaw structure determines what a turtle would eat. Most turtles like to eat chicken.

Some eat chicken in their early life and become a herbivore in later life. If your turtle is eating chicken, it is good for him. But if your turtle doesn’t eat chicken, there are plenty of other healthy options.

Read to know how you should feed chicken to your turtle?


How often should you feed chicken to your turtle?

You should feed chicken to your turtle once or twice a month. Make sure not to overfeed chicken to your turtle because excess protein may damage the kidney and result in chronic illness. The better to do is not to provide anything else on days you want your turtle to feed chicken.

The diet of most turtles depends on their age and species. Most turtles are omnivores, and they can eat both animal-based and plant-based diets.

Among the two, they prefer eating plant-based foods, which is good for them. Their diet must comprise vegetables and fruits than animal-based proteins.

Turtles do need animal proteins but on occasions. Younger turtles need more animal protein than older turtles, mainly relying on leaves. You can make chicken a good part of your turtle’s diet; let us see how you can do it?

How can you offer chicken to your turtle?

You should think of your turtle as a human. Your turtle is a reptile, and he does not like to eat chicken the way humans do.

Therefore, the best way to prepare chicken for your turtle is to boil it in plain water and cut it into small pieces that your turtle can easily eat. You should not add oil, salts, and spices while preparing the chicken for your turtle.

Make sure to boil the chicken properly so that your turtle won’t get affected by the possible risks. It is strictly recommended not to offer chicken to your turtle that is meant to be offered to humans. There are many risks in feeding this chicken.

Turtles have a sensitive stomach that can’t bear the spices, additives, preservatives, and oils. Their stomach can digest only plain chicken; therefore, you can only boil the chicken to eliminate the risk of contamination.

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Why Should You not offer raw chicken to your turtle?

You may be tempted to offer raw chicken to your turtle only because it sticks together better, or you feed your turtle would like it raw. Whatsoever is the reason, you should not feed raw chicken because of the following risks.

Risk of salmonella

Raw chicken may carry salmonella and campylobacter, hazardous for your turtle’s health. Salmonella not only affects chickens but also affects humans.

It may upset your turtle’s digestive system; therefore, applying safety measures and boiling the chicken in plain water is better.

Imbalanced calcium to phosphorous ratio

The other important drawback of feeding raw chicken is the imbalanced calcium-phosphorous ratio. The body needs a balance 2:1 ratio of calcium and phosphorous.

However, raw chicken does not contain the said ratio. Therefore, it is not recommended to feed raw chicken to your turtle.

Can box turtles eat chicken?

Yes, box turtles can eat chicken because they are omnivores. They prefer eating 50% vegetable and 50% animal-based food. You can feed chicken the same way as any other omnivorous turtle.

Can snap turtles eat chicken?

Yes, snap turtles can eat chicken; snap turtles are carnivorous turtles, and you may be tempted to feed them a lot of chicken. Don’t do that because you don’t want your turtle to get sick of overeating.


What is the best food for turtles?

Turtles need two kinds of foods in balance to remain healthy and happy. They need staples like vegetables and fruits in every meal and chicken after 2-3 weeks. It will be a balanced diet for your turtle, and he won’t be unhappy.

Should you feed chicken to your turtle? Can turtles eat chicken?

Can turtles eat chicken? Yes, you should feed chicken to your turtle after every 2-3 weeks. Your turtle needs an adequate amount of animal protein once or twice a week.

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