Can turtles eat cabbage?


Can turtles eat cabbage? Yes, the turtle can eat cabbage; nothing toxic in cabbage can harm your turtle. Leafy greens have a major share in the everyday diet of the turtle. Not all the diet consists of leafy greens, and there are other food sources like animal proteins.

If you wonder what you should feed your turtle, I will clarify your understanding. The important in devising the diet plan for your turtle is to note its behavior in the wild.

You should feed the same diet your turtle has been eating in the wild. In the wild, the turtle got the opportunity to feed on both animal origin and plant origin food.

If we talk about the feeding behavior of turtles, there are two types of turtles. Most turtles are omnivores, and some are carnivores.

Omnivores are those turtles that prefer eating both animal and plant origin diets. At the same time, carnivores are those turtles that prefer eating only animal-origin food.

Based on this principle, if your turtle is an omnivore, you can feed him cabbage. Read on to know the potential benefits of feeding cabbage.


Can a red-eared slider turtle eat cabbage?

Yes, red-eared slider turtles can eat cabbage. Approximately the everyday diet of the turtle is composed of approximately 80% vegetables.

If your turtle is an omnivore, you should prefer offering fresh, nutritious food to your cute little turtle. Avoid offering vegetables like lettuce which possess no significant nutrition.

Cabbage is not the best option among the vegetables; therefore, you should consider other better options. As vegetables are necessary to feed your turtle, you should better choose at least three different vegetables for each day. in this way, your turtle will have three different tastes of foods and more nutrition.

Your turtle enjoys eating crunchy vegetables. Turtles are opportunists; they tend to eat everything they are offered.

Therefore, the responsibility comes to your shoulders whether to provide nutritious foods or not. There are plenty of different options in vegetables that you can easily get.

Other than vegetables, fruits are also an option. Turtles are frugivores, and they prefer eating tasty fruits. You can go for fruits because fruits are very nutritious, and they provide several nutritional benefits to your turtle.

Fruits like melons, berries, and apples are a great addition to your turtle’s diet. It is essential to know that everything other than the regular meal should not exceed 10-20% of the total diet of your turtle.

When we talk about vegetables and fruits for turtles, we say they must be high in calcium and vitamin A & D. These are the essential nutrients your turtle needs.

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Can baby turtles eat cabbage?

Can turtles eat cabbage? Can baby turtles eat cabbage? Yes, baby turtles can eat cabbage, but there are plenty of other better options than cabbage. In the wild, turtles are good at recognizing poisonous plants, but you are responsible for feeding them safe and healthy food in captivity.

Many things in the kitchen are potentially harmful to your turtle. You need to ensure that nothing dangerous is in the access of your turtle.

For example, avocado, citrus fruits, daffodils, and foxglove should not be fed to turtles. Plants are also avoided for feeding turtles; it is better to stick to safe and healthy vegetables and fruits for your turtle.

However, there is one plant that your turtle might enjoy eating, dandelion. Research has told us that it is high in oxalates, so you should better avoid feeding your turtle dandelion. If you don’t want that, you should stick to only a very small quantity.


Can turtles eat purple cabbage?

Can turtles eat cabbage? Can they eat purple cabbage? Yes, turtles can eat purple cabbage, but moderation is the key. You should not exceed the safe limits of feeding cabbage.

When we talk about cabbage, experts debate whether it is safe. It is pretty much clear that it does not contain any harmful or toxic ingredients.

However, it does contain goitrogens – a chemical, when ingested in large quantities that prevents the normal working of the thyroid gland. Although, it is fine to feed cabbage in small amounts.

We have already suggested feeding cabbage in a way that should not replace the regular meal. Now you understand why moderation is beneficial.

Can Turtles Eat Cabbage? Should you feed cabbage to your turtle?

Can turtles eat cabbage? Yes, you may feed cabbage to your turtle. Your turtle will enjoy the crunchy taste of cabbage. However, you should not let cabbage replace the daily meal of your turtle.

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