Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon Rind?


Can rabbits eat watermelon rind? Being a pet owner, you have to be careful about what to feed your bunny. Watermelons are safe for rabbits to eat. But have you ever asked yourself this question, Can rabbits eat watermelon rind?

The simple answer is yes; they can eat watermelon rind. Watermelon and watermelon rind both are rich in sugar. Rabbits love consuming food that is high in sugar. However, you need to feed them a moderate amount as too much sugar can be harmful.

If you want to know more about can rabbits eat watermelon rind? Is it safe for them? Then, you are in the right place. Keep reading to know more about this topic.


Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon Rind?

Yes, rabbits can eat watermelon rind. Watermelon is safe for rabbits to consume its inner pinkish-red juicy part or its whitish-green rind. Your bunnies enjoy the sweet flesh, but you should feed them a small amount.

However, when it comes to watermelon rind, it is fed to rabbits more frequently. That’s because this portion is less juicy and has more fiber and vitamin C. Rabbits can easily digest these fibers, which helps them maintain their body weight.

Make sure that the outer green skin of watermelon is small enough, so your bunny can digest it easily. Watermelon rind is a nice treat that you should offer them occasionally. Also, it’s fun to watch your rabbit eating the rind portion.

How is Watermelon Rind Good for Rabbits?

Can rabbits eat watermelon rind? How is it good for them? The watermelon rind is rich in nutrients and beneficial for your bunnies. This portion is high in vitamins, low in sugar, and has no seeds. This portion is present right under the reddish-pink flesh of watermelon.

It provides plenty of benefits, like preventing weight gain in your bunny. In addition, this part of the watermelon controls the overflow of water content in their body.

As a result, it inhibits the deadly bacteria from expanding inside their bodies. Further, chewing tough foods like watermelon rind is good for rabbits. Because doing so leads to the development of healthy teeth in bunnies.

Risks Related to Feeding Watermelon to Rabbits

 Let us answer this question for you, Can rabbits eat watermelon rind? Yes, they can eat watermelon and watermelon rind as well. However, there are some risks related to feeding watermelon to rabbits. These include:

Urinary Tract Problems

Watermelon rind contains calcium minerals, which are important for strengthening bones and teeth. But too much calcium leads to urinary problems like kidney and bladder stones and sludge.

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Ingestion of Pesticides

Eating unwashed watermelon results in the possible intake of insecticides and pesticides. It’s better to wash this fruit properly to avoid any ingestion of dirt or chemicals.

Soft Stool

If you want to give watermelon to your bunnies, introduce them to this fruit gradually and monitor their condition. If you observe their soft stool, it’s better to avoid watermelon for them.

How Much Watermelon Rind Can A Rabbit Eat?

Watermelon rind can be given to rabbits with small chunks of watermelon flesh. Also, you can remove the reddish-pink flesh part and cut the remaining portion into pieces to serve them. Offering your bunny several bite-sized rind pieces occasionally is a good treat.

Generally, it’s better to give a 1-inch cube of watermelon flesh or rind a few times a week. The amount of watermelon that you serve them depends mostly on the rabbits’ size and diet. For smaller rabbits, it’s ideal for giving them a few small pieces one or two times a week. The gap between two occasions should be three days.

However, for large-sized rabbits, half a cup of watermelon rind pieces is safe for them without disturbing their digestive system.

How to Serve Watermelon to Rabbits?

Here are four steps for serving this delicious treat to your pet.

  • Choose a ripe watermelon for your bunnies. That’s because it is rich in nutrients and has a smooth rind. Also, ripe watermelon has a yellowish potion at its bottom.
  • Wash watermelon rind properly to remove any harmful pesticides and dirt.  
  • Remove the watermelon seeds to avoid choking.
  • Cut the watermelon into pieces and serve to your bunnies.

Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon Seeds?

As rabbits have delicate digestive systems, large-size seeds can obstruct their digestive system. It leads to harmful health problems in rabbits. So, it’s better to remove watermelon seeds before feeding rabbits.


Final Thoughts – Can rabbits eat watermelon?

Can rabbits eat watermelon rind? The simple answer is yes; they can eat. Watermelon rind is low in sugar and contains Vitamin C. But keep in mind to give your rabbits in moderate amounts.

The rind portion is helpful for healthy teeth and also prevents weight gain in bunnies. It’s ideal for serving them small bite-sized pieces of the watermelon rind. Remember to remove watermelon seeds before feeding to avoid choking.

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