Can rabbits eat strawberry tops?


Can rabbits eat strawberry tops? This is a question most people want to know the answer to. Well! Scientists say that 80 % of the rabbit’s diet should be hay and grass.

It often confuses people when they think about other food for their bunnies. That’s why they frequently ask about the bunnies’ diet.

Well! The one-word answer to this question is YES. Rabbits can eat strawberry tops. The strawberry top is the green leafy part of a strawberry.

So, whenever you cut strawberries, don’t throw the tops away. Make sure you wash them properly and feed your little bunnies.

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What are the health benefits of strawberry tops for rabbits?

Can rabbits eat strawberry tops? What are the health benefits? Rabbits like leafy greens and strawberry tops are also green. But you’ll be surprised to know that strawberry tops have nutritional value and impart many health benefits. It will even want you to eat your bunnies’ share as well.

After reading this, you might be getting curious. So, let’s jump on why there is a YES to the question, can rabbits eat strawberry tops? Here we go:

Vitamin C:

The first reason is that they are rich in vitamin C. It is good for the rabbit’s immune system. Normally rabbits synthesize their vitamin C. But under stressful conditions, they do require it.

Iron and Calcium:

Strawberry tops contain iron. It helps in making blood. Calcium is also one of the important minerals that strawberry tops contain. It makes bunnies’ teeth and bones strong.

Caffeic acid

They also contain caffeic acid, which has antioxidant properties. Due to its antioxidant nature, it protects the rabbit’s brain against focal ischemia.

Prevent coccidiosis

Strawberry tops prevent rabbits from coccidiosis as they contain tannins. Coccidiosis is a protozoal infection in the rabbit’s gastrointestinal tract.

So, stop throwing the strawberry tops in the dust bin. Eat them and feed your bunnies too.

How frequently can rabbits eat strawberry tops?

Can rabbits eat strawberry tops? Hay and grass are the ideal diets for bunnies, but strawberry tops are also good. Still, don’t feed your rabbits with the strawberry tops daily.

Excessive strawberry top feeding can cause health problems to your cute little friend. For instance, too much calcium intake can cause kidney stones. Similarly, excessive vitamin C also causes kidney damage.

So, you need to give them a balanced amount of all nutrients that they require. Neither too less nor too much.

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How to serve the strawberry tops to your cute pet?

Can rabbits eat strawberry tops? How to serve them? Look for fresh strawberries. Cut the tops using a knife. Wash them well because they might contain pesticides and dust. If they are not washed well, the ingestion of pesticides will poison the rabbit.

Consequently, you’ll have to rush to a vet, or else you may lose your best friend forever. Once washed properly, place them in a pet bowl and present them to your pet.

What about strawberries?

Strawberry is a fruit that is rich in sugar. Rabbits do not require too much of it. Consuming too much sugar will make your pet gain weight.

So, yes, you can feed your buns with strawberries but just as a treat. Not too much as strawberries are not good for the pet. Moreover, they also cause gas, bloating, and stomach pain.


A thumb-sized strawberry is enough for an adult rabbit at a time. But it doesn’t mean that same goes for the baby rabbit. Baby rabbits cannot consume fruits. So, please don’t give them strawberries, not even by mistake.

Dried strawberries

Pet owners think that drying strawberries will make them a good diet for rabbits. But it’s not true. Yes, you heard right! It’s not true.

Although drying the strawberries destroys all the vitamins present in fresh fruit, the sugar content remains the same. It means that they can also be given as a treat, not daily.

Strawberry seeds

Strawberry seeds are not harmful to your pet. You do not need to remove the seeds before feeding strawberries to your buns. So, there is no need to waste your time removing the seeds.

Some seeds like that of an apple are toxic to your rabbits. Therefore, do research before giving any fruit to your bunnies.


Final thoughts – Can rabbits eat strawberry tops?

Can rabbits eat strawberry tops? This is a question that comes to every pet owner’s mind. Yes, bunnies can eat them because of many reasons.

But it doesn’t mean that you feed them daily with strawberry tops. Please give them a balanced diet to keep them healthy.

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