Can rabbits eat red cabbage?


Can rabbits eat red cabbage? Humans eat red cabbage; its raw taste is peppery and very fresh. After cooking, it tastes sweet in flavor. On the flip side, it is also very popular in bunnies. 

Red cabbage is also red kraut, blue kraut, and purple cabbage. The colors of the leaves are dark. The most amazing thing is that it can change its color with the pH value of the soil. You can get red cabbage in North Europe, China, and America. 

Can rabbits eat red cabbage? Simply, yes! Red cabbage is a favorite food of bunnies. Although, red cabbage is a good food supplement and helps with indigestion. Red cabbage is a treasure of nutrients.  


Can rabbits eat red cabbage?

Yes, red cabbage can be eaten by rabbits. Rabbits are known for eating carrots, but it does not mean that they can’t eat anything else. Bunnies love to eat red cabbage as well. Many owners hesitate to give them red cabbage because of bloating but don’t worry about it.

Red cabbage is safe and healthy. Red cabbage helps indigestion. These vegetables are easily found in vegetable and grocery stores. Red cabbage contains calcium, sodium, acidic, phosphorus, fat, and sugar nutrients good for bunnies’ health. 

What are the benefits of red cabbage?

Red cabbage has lots of beneficiary nutrients like Vitamin K, magnesium, zinc, and calcium help to strengthen the bones. It also contains high fiber, which helps digest food easily and prevent digestive problems. 

Let’s explore more benefits:

  • Red cabbage is very rich in nutrients.
  • Red cabbage help to fight inflammation.
  • It may increase gut health.
  • It is the most powerful compound plant.
  • Red cabbage may help to strengthen bones.  

How many red cabbages can rabbits eat?

Considering veggies like red cabbage, the owner can feed 2-4 cups with 2-3 different veggies; approximately 6lbs weight. This can be an excellent way to feed red cabbage, particularly; the range of feed is more than four days a week. It may help to reduce the bloating or gas of your rabbit.

Did You Know?

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Rabbits act hungrily, especially when serving something favorite; they behave madly after seeing the food in front of them. Remember, the quantity of red cabbage is limited to at least five pieces or less than and they will be alright with it.

What food should not feed to rabbits?

Rabbits are sensitive and have a special digestive system. Their process of digesting nutrients and fiber is different from other animals.

Several foods are harmful to the digestive system of the rabbits, such as a drop of yogurt, crackers, cookies, bread, pasta, iceberg lettuce, avocado, silverbeet, cereal, walnut, hamster food, chocolate, oatmeal, potatoes, peanut butter, meat cauliflower, and rhubarb. Such foods may disturb the stomach of rabbits and make them irritated. 

Can baby rabbits eat red cabbage?

Compared to adult rabbits, baby bunnies have a more sensitive digestive system. Avoid giving vegetables and fruits until 12 weeks old.

Before moving on to different kinds of food like snacks or veggies, feed them some juicy vegetables first but in a very small amount after 24 hours. After feeding them, observe their behavior thoroughly. If you find normal behavior, then you can move farther. 

Can bunnies eat cooked red cabbage? 

You cannot feed them any cooked food, although it is not recommended. Feed your beloved bunnies fresh and raw food.

The Rabbit’s stomach can’t afford any cooked food, even if it is red cabbage. The core advantage of raw foods does not only help to digest, but it is also healthier and safe to eat. 


How to feed red cabbage to rabbits? 

It is the most important thing to be noted. Always purchase the best quality food for your Rabbit from the best and most reputable food shop. This habit makes your Rabbit more healthy and active.

Remove stalks and cut the red cabbage into small pieces so your Rabbit can easily eat it. You may mix red cabbage with other vegetables in small slices. 

Conclusion – Can rabbits eat red cabbage?

Are red cabbage good for rabbits? Absolutely yes, red cabbage is an excellent snack for rabbits. It makes the best supplement for the hay diet.

Otherwise, it may cause gas trouble, so give them red cabbage twice to three times a week with less amount. Remember it is not the main food, you can give other foods as well. 

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