Can Rabbits Eat Pomegranate?


Can rabbits eat pomegranate? Almost everyone has probably seen the images of cute rabbits on the internet holding pomegranate. Well, it’s a quite healthy fruit that’s usually found in the months from October to February and March to May in Northern Hemisphere and South Hemisphere, respectively.

Many rabbit owners always have a question in their minds “Can rabbits eat pomegranate?” Pomegranates are highly safe, and you can give them to your rabbit without any worries 1 to 2 times a week if the bunny is at least 7 months old. It will ensure that the rabbit will not lead to digestive issues.

Just read on to dig into more details about why bunnies can eat pomegranate!


Can Rabbits Consume Pomegranate?

As pomegranates contain so much nutrition and are widely eaten by human beings, does it mean bunnies can also eat them? Well, yes, they can eat pomegranates but just in small amounts. It means that you can give them only the fruit as treats & not part of the regular diet.

There are many benefits that the rabbits get to relish when they eat that fruit. Pomegranates, for one, contain the low fats that are good for rabbits. Plus, the fruit also contains some amount of magnesium, & that’s another main reason you can occasionally give them this fruit.

You have to feed them small amounts of the pomegranate because the excessive nutrients can also harm your bunnies if they frequently ingest them. Therefore, try to avoid giving them the fruit regularly.

Is pomegranate safe for rabbits?

Can rabbits eat pomegranate? Is it safe for rabbits? Pomegranates are highly safe for bunnies as long as they are given in normal amounts or moderation & are old enough to consume treats (around 7 months old). By doing this, the risks to the digestive system would be considerably lessened.

All in all, pomegranates can’t lead to health issues unless the bunnies are given inappropriate amounts. Otherwise, it doesn’t have any side effects at all.

How often should you feed your rabbits pomegranate?

Can rabbits eat pomegranate? How often should you feed your rabbit pomegranate? Since we aim for diet moderation, you should offer pomegranates to your rabbit just once or twice a week. Plus, make sure that they are not eating seeds.

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As the seeds make up a big portion of this fruit, you can easily make juice of that fruit instead & serve it to the rabbit. Yes, you can feed the bunny more pomegranate leaves, as they are safer than other fruit parts.

Once you begin giving the bunnies pomegranates, look for the reactions and signs that the rabbit might not be a big fan of this fruit.

If it seems like your bunny has some negative effects after consuming the fruit, it means that you should have to stop feeding the fruit to them.

Risk of overeating pomegranates in rabbits

Can rabbits eat pomegranate? What are the risks? While pomegranates are nutritious and safe for bunnies, some risks are associated with overfeeding the rabbits with the fruit. Some of the possible risks are given below:

  • Gastrointestinal Stasis: Pomegranate overfeeding can result in Gastrointestinal Stasis, caused by the considerable lack of fibre in your rabbit’s diet.
  • Uneaten cecotropes: Uneaten soft cecotropes are also possible if the rabbits consume pomegranates in high quantities rather than hay. It can even lead to softer cecotropes because of the extreme lack of fibre.
  • Diarrhea: Diarrhea can also be caused if the owners of rabbits overfeed high pomegranate amounts too quickly. So, always try to introduce a new diet to the pet gradually.
  • Dental problems: Because of the pomegranate’s sugar content, feeding the bunnies large amounts of pomegranates can cause many dental issues.
  • Obesity: The overfeeding of pomegranates to the rabbits of old age, whose metabolism is very slow, can lead to obesity because of the extremely high pomegranates sugar contents. Obesity can also lead to reaching the cecotropes to consume them.

Conclusion – Can rabbits eat pomegranate?

Can rabbits eat pomegranate? Are they safe for them? If you have been giving high quantities of pomegranates, it’s the right time to stop this. Consuming too much of this fruit can lead to critical issues that you & your bunny would rather want to avoid.

You do not need to eliminate it since it still has some incredible benefits that can be good for your pet.

All in all, remember that the main diet of your bunny should be leafy, greens, freshwater, and hay. Fruits should be given at intervals, in the form of occasional treats.

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