Can rabbits eat paper?


Can rabbits eat paper? Rabbits are very active specie that always want to jump and play around with nearby items. They have a very inquisitive nature, and they would nibble on anything. Paper is a common item in every household, and if you have a pet rabbit, you must think that, can rabbits eat paper?

Paper does not hold any nutritional value for your bunny, and it often plays with the paper due to boredom. Rabbits have a staple diet of hay that keeps their digestive system healthy and stable. If your rabbit is hungry, it will chew paper if it finds any near its vicinity, but is paper safe for your rabbit?

Can rabbits eat paper? It is unsafe for your rabbit to consume paper as it may lead to intestinal blockage and several gastrointestinal issues.


Health Risks of feeding paper?

Can rabbits eat paper? What are the health risks? Paper is a substance your rabbit can easily consume. Still, the harmful aspect of overeating paper is that your bunny’s digestive system can’t break it into small pieces. Thus, your rabbit will experience intestinal blockage, which, in turn, disturbs the whole digestive system.

Apart from intestinal obstruction, paper consumption develops constipation in your rabbit. It is observed by your rabbit’s refusal to eat any food. Also, severe abdominal pain and swelling of its belly indicates that your bunny suffers from constipation. It demands immediate therapy to rectify the problem.

Moreover, there are no enzymes in your rabbit that can be helpful in the decomposition of the paper eaten by your furry friend. If the gastrointestinal system of your beloved pet is compromised, it will lead to lethargy as your rabbit would refuse to consume even its regular diet.

Why do rabbits eat paper?

Rabbits are playful creatures that love to spend their time continuously chewing and playing with objects around them, such as paper.

In no way does it indicate that the rabbit is fond of eating paper, and it is just its instinctive nature that pushes it to play with paper. It is okay if it consumes a little bit of shredded paper, but eating a large amount is dangerous.

An important factor that makes your rabbit nibble on paper is hunger. Suppose you have not provisioned a complete portion of a regular diet to your bunny.

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In that case, it means your furry friend is experiencing a shortage of energy in its body, and it will try to devour paper to fulfil its appetite.

Usually, boring life is what tends your rabbit to eat paper because the rabbit always wants to be active and stimulated.

It requires placing adequate toys around your pet so that your bunny does not feel restlessness and fall into depression. It will allow them to play and move around happily.

The diet you offer to your rabbit must contain fiber in abundance. According to research, a bunny experiencing a lack of fiber in its diet would be indulged in eating paper to balance the requirement of fiber.

How can I stop my rabbit from eating paper?

As a pet owner, you always want your rabbit to refrain from unhealthy activities and offer it the best possible diet. Paper eating is a habit that raises your concerns about your bunny’s health.

The best possible way to stop your rabbit from eating paper is to nourish it with a properly balanced diet. Providing hay is vital to your bunny as it aids in digestion, keeps its stomach full, and your furball will not feel hungry anymore.

If your furry friend is feeling boredom, it is best to buy new toys for your bunny to keep them happy and motivated. You can also buy a new rabbit to promote social interaction between the two bunnies.

Is paper bad for rabbits to eat?

Can rabbits eat paper? Paper is not toxic for your bunny, but it carries many disadvantages that make it unsuitable for consumption.

It devoid your furry companion from eating its regular diet due to the harmful effects it produces on the gastrointestinal system. So, it is better to discourage your rabbit from eating paper.


Is paper safe for rabbits?

Can rabbits eat paper? No, the paper carries zero nutritional importance for your rabbit; instead, it blocks the intestine resulting in severe abdominal pain. Therefore, it is recommended to provide a balanced diet rich in fiber to refrain your pet from eating paper.

Conclusion – Can rabbits eat paper?

So, can rabbits eat paper? No, it threatens your rabbit’s digestive system causing constipation and abdominal pain. So, it is advised to nourish your furry friend with a fibrous diet to fulfill its appetite.

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