Can Rabbits Eat Meat?


Can rabbits eat meat? It is the question most pet parents ask who are worried about the nutrition and health of their rabbits. According to vets and experts, the answer is clear: rabbits cannot eat meat. Rabbits need fiber and protein; for fiber, plants and fruits are adequate, and the protein shouldn’t come from the meat.

Read along, and you will know the answer to the questions circling can rabbits eat meat? We will bust all the myths and mysteries through scientific discoveries to let you know the truth behind meat-eating behavior.


Scenarios That Make The Rabbit Eat Their Babies

Rabbits are not cannibals, and they do not hunt their species to eat and survive. There are some situations where you might see the mother rabbit eat her young ones.

You can avoid these scenarios and change the outcomes if you have prior information about this behavior.

1.      Eating The First Litter Because Of Lack Of Knowledge

It might be astonishing to you, but many times a new mother will eat her newborn babies while thinking of them as the part of afterbirth.

In the wild, rabbits eat the part of afterbirth to remove the signs of the birth of babies for their protection. A new mother will do it for the first time, but it is highly unlikely for her to repeat this behavior the second time.

2.      Eating Stillborn Babies To Rectify The Mistake

Mother rabbit will eat her dead offspring to correct her mistake. Most of the time, when there is a stillborn baby, the mother will think her responsible for this dead baby.

She will eat the baby and remove the evidence of this mistake. It is common in the wild, and if your female rabbit doesn’t eat the dead baby, this is not an issue either.

3.      Eating Babies To Correct Nutrition Deficiencies

Sometimes if the female rabbit is not given nutritious food and a healthy diet, she will get weak in the gestation period.

When babies are born, and the mother doesn’t have any other source to get the nutrition, she will eat her babies. This behavior is common in rabbits treated well and offered a healthy and nutritious diet.

4.      Frightened Mother Also Eats Her Babies

Another time when a rabbit eats her babies is when she is terrified because of some stimulus or factor in the environment. When she is certain that she cannot protect her young ones, she will eat them independently.

When your rabbit has given birth to new babies, try to avoid making loud noises and significant environmental changes.

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Do Rabbits Eat Meat?

Rabbits and hares are two different species, and both show different behavior in the wild and captivity. Snowshoe rabbits are herbivores just like rabbits, but when grass and plants are covered in thick snow, they go wild. In extreme winter, these creatures eat meat to survive the extreme temperature.

According to Northwestern Naturalist hares can resort to cannibalism as well, along with eating meat for other animals. On the other hand, Rabbits avoid such climates and do not resort to such extreme measures no matter the consequences.

What Happens When Rabbits Eat Meat?

If your rabbit has eaten meat, there could be the following outcomes of this event:

  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Withdrawl from food

Is Meat Safe For Rabbits?

Rabbits cannot eat meat, and you should avoid giving them raw or cooked meat. Their digestive system is not meant to eat and digest meat. When you offer meat to your beloved bunnies, they will get sick and could lose their life in case of prolonged digestive issues.

Raw meat has germs and bacteria that will infest their GI tract, and by the time you know about these foreign invaders, things could get out of hand.

Cooked meat is not safe from hazards at all for your bunnies. Next time your bunny begs for meat from your plate, don’t register those big innocent eyes, or you will fall for the trap.


Can Rabbits Eat Meat?

No, rabbits cannot eat meat in any other form, and you shouldn’t give them meat either. They will suffer from chronic digestive issues and other health problems if you keep feeding them meat. If a female rabbit has eaten her babies once, next time, be careful and forbid her from doing so.

Do not offer meat to your rabbit from your dinner plate, no matter how much they beg you to do so. If your rabbit has developed a liking for meat, offer them different vegetables and fruits to change their liking and make them enjoy their fruits and greens.

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