Can rabbits eat lavender?


Can rabbits eat lavender? It is a leguminous herb with colorful flowers grown globally in fields and gardens. These are primarily used for cooking purpose and also has medicinal uses. Its oil is frequently used in aromatherapy, but what about your pet rabbit nibbling on lavender, so can rabbits eat lavender?

As a herbivore, the rabbit should not mind eating a herb such as lavender high in nutritional value. But lavender has a very pungent smell, and rabbits do not like a strong aroma, so they will likely stay away from this shrub, but as far as consumption of lavender is concerned, is lavender safe for your rabbit?

Can rabbits eat lavender? Yes, it is a crucial herb rich in nutrients required by your rabbit for its average body growth and functioning of its organs. However, it must be furnished in a small quantity to your bunny to avoid any digestive problems.


Health benefits of feeding lavender?

Can rabbits eat lavender? What are the health benefits? It is a common concern of every pet owner to feed their rabbit the best possible diet. Lavender is a herb that is not toxic for your bunny, and all its parts are edible. But rabbits may not like them much due to their smell, but they provide necessary nutrients for your bunny’s growth.

It contains an antioxidant known as limonene which helps to eradicate free radicals from the body. It is usually involved in stimulating digestive enzymes to keep the gut healthy.

The digestive system remains robust and healthy. Also, it helps detoxify the liver and aids in reducing the risk of dangerous diseases such as cancer and heart failure.

There are numerous vitamins and minerals in lavender that help build the solid body stature of your bunny. Vitamin A is crucial for your rabbit’s immune system and stimulates sexual performance.

A little amount of calcium is beneficial for the strength of your bunny’s bones. Rabbits do not require large quantities of vitamin C, but a low amount of vitamin C in lavender protects the body from heat stress and depression.

Iron is also present in lavender which is a significant mineral for your furry companion as it enhances muscle proliferation making your pet buddy strong stature.

Also, the fiber content in lavender makes it a good food for a rabbit as fiber is necessary for stimulating the digestion in your pet companion.

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Risks of feeding lavender to your rabbit?

Can rabbits eat lavender? What are the risks of feeding lavender to your rabbit? Rabbits have a weak gastrointestinal system, and they need a low-calorie diet to process it efficiently.

Lavender does not contain high energy or toxic compounds, but it can cause a problem if you replace regular diet hay with lavender.

As lavender is not a regular part of your rabbit’s diet, it can cause nutritional deficiency if your furball consumes it in a large quantity. It will result in GI stasis in which the digestion slows down, and your rabbit fails to process any food. It produces lethargy in your rabbit.

The introduction of a new diet often disturbs the digestive system of your furry companion. So, your pet buddy may suffer from diarrhea after eating lavender. It is advised to add this herb to your rabbit’s diet gradually.

How much lavender can you feed to your rabbit?

The frequency of serving lavender to your furry friend depends on how much your rabbit is interested in consuming it. But still, it should not be fed in a larger quantity than the regular diet of hay. So, your rabbit must eat lavender on an intermittent diet.

An adult rabbit is given 1-2 cups of lavender per week as a suitable diet. Moreover, 3-4 leafy greens should be mixed with lavender to prepare a nutritionally balanced diet that best serves your rabbit’s interest. It can never become a permanent diet for your rabbit.

Is lavender bad for rabbits to eat?

It is a herb that is potentially one of the safest herbs your rabbit can consume. It is loaded with valuable nutrients that maintain your rabbit’s digestive system. Also, it can be used for the treatment purpose of digestive distress in your rabbit.


Is lavender safe for rabbits?

Can rabbits eat lavender? Yes, lavender is okay to eat but only in a moderate amount due to unwanted nutrients that are not beneficial for your rabbits, such as proteins and carbohydrates. They may not be in high amounts but can cause your rabbit’s illness.

Conclusion – Can rabbits eat lavender?

So, can rabbits eat lavender? Yes, it is a crucial herb that delivers nutrients necessary for a strong and healthy body. Antioxidants promote enzyme stimulation in the digestive tract, resulting in your furry friend’s quick digestion of food items.

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