Can Rabbits Eat Guinea Pig Food? Everything You Need To Know!


Can Rabbits Eat Guinea Pig food? That’s a question you might have if you own both a rabbit and a guinea pig. While the two animals are similar in size, they are not the same animals. Guinea pigs are not domesticated animals, and their nutritional needs differ significantly from pet rabbits.

Can rabbits eat guinea pig food? No, they cannot. Guinea pigs are rodents, and rabbits are herbivores that primarily consume plants’ food. It is essential to understand that not all pet owners know the food that should be fed to each type of pet. 

This article can help you understand what diet a rabbit should get to avoid mistakes that may lead to frustrations. Rabbits can’t eat or digest guinea pig food for several reasons. Read on to learn why.


Can Rabbits Eat Guinea Pig Food?

No, rabbits cannot eat pig food, but there is a big difference between the two foods. Rabbits are herbivores which means that rabbits only eat plant-based foods.

Rabbits can eat pig food, but it may have some toxic effects. So rabbits can eat pig food in a minimum amount, but not regularly.

  • Rabbits and guinea pigs have very different nutritional needs. Guinea pig food is high in protein, whereas rabbits are herbivores and require a lower protein diet.
  • Guinea pigs are a little different from rabbits because rabbits can eat various fresh vegetables, hay, and pellets.
  • On the other hand, Guinea pigs can’t just eat any vegetables. They are more specific to their needs and will have difficulty digesting veggies such as carrots or turnips.
  • Guinea pigs need to eat fiber and vitamin C foods, such as parsley, bell pepper, or kale. “But rabbits do not need Vitamin C.”

If you want to give your pets fresh veggies, make a list of safe veggies and put them in two separate bowls so that each pet gets its food without getting mixed up!

Why do rabbits like Guinea pig food?

Rabbits also like pig food because it is colorful and fun to eat, especially if you put it in their bowl with some of their other food.

Rabbits like pig food because of its taste, but it is not suitable for rabbits to eat pig food as it can cause stasis and other digestive problems. Can rabbits eat guinea pig food? Again, pig food is not suggested for rabbits. 

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What do rabbits eat?

Rabbits are herbivores. They have a sensitive digestive system, so a rabbit’s diet should be 80% hay, 10% greens, and 10% pellets.

There is no reason why rabbits can’t eat guinea pig food. When feeding rabbits, the essential things are:

  1. Don’t let them eat too much dry food.
  2. Feed them lots of hay, grass, and other fresh greens.
  3. Please don’t feed them lettuce or other vegetables unless you know they are safe for rabbits.
  4. Don’t give them fruit – it will make them ill.
  5. If you are having trouble finding rabbit food, you can feed them timothy hay or any other grass-based hay with alfalfa pellets as a treat.
  6. Provide fresh water Adlibitum. Change daily to keep fresh.

What are the toxic effects of guinea pig food in rabbits?

Can rabbits eat guinea pig food? Unfortunately, rabbits cannot tolerate guinea pig food this is because:

  1. Guinea pig pellets are higher in protein and fat than those intended for rabbits. Therefore, overfeeding these pellets could lead to obesity and an increased risk of liver disease.
  2. Guinea pig food can be a problem for your rabbit because of the high “calcium carbonate” content and can cause bladder stones.  
  3. Guinea pig food is high in vitamin C; if a rabbit is fed a high vitamin C diet, it may develop oxalate bladder stones, leading to life-threatening urinary tract infections or urethral obstruction.
  4. Some guinea pig foods contain sweeteners, which are unsuitable for rabbits. It also makes them more prone to diabetes, heart disease, and tooth decay if left unchecked.
  5. In addition, guinea pig food contains dried fruits, seeds, and cereals, which are very high in sugars and starches that can cause diarrhea, obesity, or other health problems in rabbits.

Final Thoughts – Can Rabbits Eat Guinea Pig Food?

“Is pig food safe for rabbits?” No, vets do not recommend it. Doing so can be potentially harmful to their health. In addition, Guinea pigs and rabbits are two different types of animals, and therefore they have different dietary needs.

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