Can Rabbits Eat Corn Husks?


Have you ever thought of feeding the corn husks to your rabbits that you randomly throw out because you can’t eat them? Can rabbits eat corn husks?

Well, if you thought yes! Then there is good news for you. Rabbits can eat corn husks occasionally. They are quite healthy for your bunny’s health, but an excess amount can be detrimental.

Cornhusk also called a hull, is the outer cover of the corn. Since it is not edible to humans, many rabbit owners think that rabbits cannot eat them as well. However, that’s just a misconception. To know more about this topic, keep reading till the end.


Do rabbits like to eat corn husks?

Bunnies are picky eaters. Being a rabbit owner, you have to think twice before feeding something to your little pet. If you often wonder, can rabbits eat corn husks?

Do rabbits love eating corn husks? Then, let me tell you, Rabbits enjoy eating corn husks. Provide them with fresh and green corn husks, and they will love it.

The green leafy corn husks are rich in fibers which are super important for the bunny’s health. Also, corn husks make incredible chew toys for rabbits.

It is great for rabbits’ growing teeth. Whenever you want to treat your pet, give them some corn husks to chew.

How to feed corn husks to rabbits?

If you want to know, can rabbits eat corn husks? What is the right way of feeding corn husks to rabbits? Then here is your answer. Rabbits can eat corn husk.

Make sure to choose fresh and green husk and wash it thoroughly to eliminate any chemicals and contaminants. Don’t forget to remove the silk-like stringy hairs, as they can be a choking hazard for bunnies.

How much corn husk is safe for rabbits?

As a rabbit owner, it’s normal to have questions like, can rabbits eat corn husks? How much corn husk is safe for rabbits?

A rabbit’s diet should majorly include plenty of water and premium quality hay. Also, fresh leafy vegetables are an important part of a bunny’s diet.

On the other hand, commercial pellets should be given only a small amount. Treats such as corn husks should not exceed 5% of the bunny’s diet.

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What are the risks of feeding corn husks to rabbits?

Can rabbits eat corn husks? Is there any risk associated with feeding corn husks? Let us answer this question for you.

Rabbits can eat corn husks but only as a treat sometimes. This is because feeding corn husks often has some risks you should consider as a pet owner.

Contaminated with pesticides

Farmers often use pesticides and other chemicals on plants for pest control. There is a high chance that some residues of these chemicals are absorbed in corn husks. These pesticides are detrimental to the health of rabbits if consumed.

Difficult to digest

Corn husks are made of complex polysaccharides that are hard to digest. As bunnies have a sensitive stomach, eating corn husks may lead to indigestion and intestinal problems.

Choking hazard

Since corn husks are difficult to digest, they can cause choking and blockages of the trachea. This could lead to blockage of airways, and in some severe cases, it can also lead to death.


Corn husks might contain mycotoxins such as Fumonisin and Aflatoxin. These are harmful chemicals that affect immunity and cause cancer.

What are the alternatives to corn husks for rabbits?

Many rabbit owners avoid feeding corn husks to their pets because of the risks associated. According to them, corn husks are great for occasional treats but not everyday feeding. There are plenty of other healthy options available for rabbits to eat.

Bunnies have a sweet tooth, so it is great to feed them some natural sweet treats like a little bite of fruits like apples and bananas or a small chunk of vegetables like broccoli or carrots.

Dried pineapples also make a great treat for bunnies. You can also feed dried or fresh herbs to rabbits by mixing them with hay such as nettle, marigold, peppermint, etc.


Final thoughts

Can rabbits eat corn husk? Well, yes! Rabbits can eat corn husk but in a controlled amount. Corn husks are healthy for rabbits as they are rich in fibers.

Still, on the other hand, corn husks also pose some risks like pesticide contamination, mycotoxins, choking hazards, and difficulty in digesting.

Sometimes, you can treat your bunny with corn husk, but it is better to give natural treats like apples, bananas, carrots, broccoli, dried pineapples, etc.

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