Can Rabbits Eat Cherries?

can rabbits eat cherries

Yes, cherries are perfectly safe for your pet. Bunnies can eat themselves sick if you give them unlimited amounts of cherries. The fruits are juicy, sweet, delicious, and delicious treats for the pet.

Even though they won’t eat many of them, cherries are fairly healthy for occasional enjoyment. Cherries are a summertime favorite; if you have some in the house, you have probably asked yourself can rabbits eat cherries?

Luckily both you and your pet can share the juicy treats. It may not be ideal for everyday use, but it’s something you shouldn’t deny the bunny. They mostly prefer sweet over sour cherries. Always remove the twigs, leaves, and pits before giving your pet.

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Are Cherries Good For Bunnies?

Antioxidants and vitamins K, C, and A are the main things your bun will get from cherries. The fruits also have fiber which is great for their digestive system. They are low in calories and fat; they may be healthier than what the rabbit is eating now.

Rabbit’s diet consists primarily of fruits, water, and vegetables. Cherries won’t be an unusual addition to their diet, but you should still limit the amount your bunny eats. The fruits are high in sugar, that’s why you must limit the intake.

The hard pit can be a choking hazard, don’t take any chances. Cherries are not recommended for juvenile and baby rabbits. Wait until they are adults before you introduce the fruit.

Cherries Can Help With Vitamins And Fibre

Fresh cherries are packed with minerals, fiber, and vitamins. It’s beneficial for the rabbit’s overall well-being. It will help the rabbit develop healthy muscles and improve digestive health. Antioxidants prevent any inflammations.

Only cyanide compound in the pit is poisonous for the rabbit. The fruit itself is beneficial and non-toxic. But you should know cherries are prized for their sweetness, not nutritional value, don’t expect a lot of health benefits.

The high sugar content will upset the rabbit’s stomach. These pets mostly crave sweet treats, but their delicate digestive system can’t handle simple sugars properly. To avoid any disastrous consequence, give your pet cherries as occasional treats.

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How Many Cherries Should I Give My Rabbit?

Two cherries or one large cherry is enough for an adult rabbit. Please give it to them once or twice every week. Take a gradual approach at first so that you can minimize the side effects until your pet gets used to the treats.

Cherries should supplement the bunny’s diet; your rabbit should continue eating normal food. Find fruits with less sugar that you can feed them daily. Another problem is giving the pet many sugary fruits at once.

When feeding the pet cherries, remove other sugary treats from their menu for the day. If the rabbit gets to your secret stash accidentally and eats lots of cherries, consult your vet at once. These animals have weak stomachs, so you must clean the cherries first to ensure no harmful content gets to their stomach.

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Can Rabbits Eat Dried Cherries?

The shortest answer is no. Dried cherries are drained of water which makes them three times more sugary. It’s not ideal for your four-legged companion. Even canned fruits are drowned or cooked in syrup, hurting the animal.

Only feed them fresh raw cherries. There are many varieties of cherries out there; you can try any you want until you find what your bunny likes the most. You can use cherries as rewards after playtime or exercise. But overindulgence can make the rabbit add weight.

Are Cherries Safe For Rabbits?

You may have tossed them a piece to see how they react. They are not toxic in any way, but the high amount of sugar can make them harmful. However, two cherries every week will be harmless.

The only things rabbits can’t eat from cherries are leaves, pits, and stems. Cutting the fruit will make it easy for the pet to eat. Think of a way to introduce these delicious fruits to your rabbit.

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