Can Rabbits Eat Cheese?


Can Rabbits Eat Cheese? Pet parents concerned about the nutritional requirements of bunnies usually ask whether rabbits can eat cheese. The answer to this question is a big no.

You cannot give cheese to your rabbit because it has different nutritional values to offer. All of these don’t comply with the digestive system of your sensitive bunnies.

Why is cheese harmful to rabbits? Can cheese kill rabbits? Can Rabbits Eat Cheese? What are the issues caused by cheese eating in rabbits? Read along to get the answer to all of these and many other questions concerning rabbits and cheese.


Is Cheese Good Or Bad For Rabbits?

Cheese is not suitable for rabbits of all ages. Rabbits are obligate herbivores, and they shouldn’t be given dairy products.

The baby rabbits can digest only their mother’s milk or vet-recommended formula. Cheese has the following elements that are hazardous for the health and digestive system of your bunnies:

  • High fat
  • A high amount of protein
  • Lactose
  • Least amount of fiber

Can Cheese Kill Rabbits?

Can Rabbits Eat Cheese? There are no toxic elements in cheese for rabbits, and no, it will not kill them right away. But if your rabbit has eaten cheese, things will not remain good either.

Lactose and high protein are not a friend of rabbits, and they will start showing the negative effect by disturbing the digestive system right away.

When your rabbit has eaten a substantial cheese, give them hay to clean their system. Keep rabbits under observation because cheese-associated diarrhea can claim their life.

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Cheese?

Baby rabbits have lactase in their digestive system that helps them digest their mother’s milk. This doesn’t mean that you can give cheese to the babies before or after weaning.

The high fiber and high protein cheese is not a safe diet for your baby bunnies. You must avoid giving them complex and high fiber food at any cost.

Small babies with sensitive digestive systems cannot survive prolonged diarrhea or vomiting and die within a day. Cheese is more likely to cause digestive issues in baby rabbits, even in smaller quantities. That’s why you should avoid giving them cheese at all costs.

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What Are The Reasons Rabbits Cannot Eat Cheese?

Following are the four main reasons that made cheese a bad diet for bunnies:

1.      High Fat In Cheese Affects Their Digestive System

Rabbits have a sensitive digestive system in all the herbivores. They do not need more than 2% fat in their daily diet.

While the cheese is rich in fat, it first increases the number of harmful bacteria after reaching the cecum. This new change results in bloating and gas problems.

Diarrhea is also a common issue that happens after consuming high-fat cheese.

2.      Cheese Has High Protein Content Which Affects Gut Flora

The main constituent of rabbit food is fiber. It helps in food motility within the digestive system. Cheese has a significant amount of amino acid, more than 25%, which is way above the required amino acid levels of the rabbit diet.

The high protein content disrupts the gut flora, and your rabbit suffers from GI issues like acidity, painful gas, and vomiting.

3.      Low Fiber In Cheese Affects Digestive Motility

Rabbits are herbivores, and they need fiber to maintain a healthy digestive system. They eat hay and veggies in a substantial quantity to get fiber and nutrition to fulfill their needs.

But the low fiber and high-fat content like cheese is simply a big problem for their digestive system. A rabbit cannot process cheese and suffers from some ongoing digestive issues.

4.      Lactose In The Cheese Is Indigestible For Rabbits

Before weaning, baby rabbits have enzyme lactase that can break the complex sugar lactose in the milk. But when they grow older, they lack this lactase and cannot process this robust sugar blend.

Adult rabbits don’t have lactase to break lactose, making them lactose intolerant. We don’t need to tell you how a lactose intolerant person feels after eating a dairy product.


Can Rabbits Eat Cheese? Is There Any Cheese That Rabbits Can Eat?

Can Rabbits Eat Cheese? Unfortunately, there isn’t any safe cheese for your rabbits to eat in a substantial quantity. Rabbits are herbivores, and they do not need this high-protein diet.

You are not doing them any good by offering cheese. If you want to keep your rabbits happy and healthy, try giving them hay, veggies, and safe-to-eat fruits.

This way, you fulfill their nutritional requirements, and there will be no potential digestive issues.

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