Can Rabbits Eat Cat Food?


If you own both cats and rabbits, you must have often wondered, can rabbits eat cat food? Is it okay for them? Well! The answer to the question of can rabbit eat cat food is NO.

Although rabbits and cats both are mammals, their nutritious requirements are different. They eat different kinds of foods and have different digestive systems.

As cats are carnivores, a large quantity of their diet includes meat. On the other hand, rabbits are herbivores, and 80 % of their diet is based on hay or grass. Therefore, do not feed your buns with cat food.

This answer might give rise to many other questions in your mind, like why no to the question, can rabbits eat cat food? What’s wrong with it? What if rabbits accidentally eat it? Don’t worry; all your questions will be answered. You have to stick to the blog to clean up all your doubts.


What is the nutritional profile of the cat food?

Can rabbits eat cat food? Is cat food healthy for rabbits? Let us answer this for you. Every pet requires a specific food. Therefore, pet owners have to choose food according to the requirement of their pets and vets’ suggestions. Ideally, commercially available cat food contains specific amounts of proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and water.

Apart from these main ingredients, cat food also has preservatives and supplements like mixed tocopherols, potassium chloride, phosphoric acid, calcium carbonate, salts, etc. Cats’ digestive systems can easily process this food. Their intestinal microflora is adapted to such food. But feeding your bunnies with cat food is an injustice to their sensitive stomach.

Why can rabbits not eat cat food?

If you want to know the exact reasons behind our no to can rabbits eat cat food? Then read the following points. Rabbits are delicate animals. They need some extra care. No matter how much you say you love your pet but if you feed it with cat food, you don’t want him in the house.

Some of the reasons that make cat food poison for rabbits are:

  1. The proteins and amino acids in cat food cause kidney damage in rabbits.
  2. Cat food does not contain dietary fiber, which is a must for rabbits. Such food causes digestive immobility in rabbits. Consequently, the rabbit’s cecum and intestinal tract stop working.
  3. The preservatives used in cat food cause digestive issues.
  4. Rabbits’ digestive system is adapted to fibrous food. Therefore, it cannot digest cat food.
  5. The fatty acids in cat food cause obesity in rabbits.
  6. The calcium content of cat food is high. As a result, it causes urinary tract infections in bunnies.
  7. Hay grinding keeps rabbits’ teeth healthy. Cat food does not contain hay; therefore, it causes dental diseases.

Bunnies love to munch everything that comes their way. Therefore, if you have a pet cat, place its food far away from your bunnies.

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What if rabbits accidentally eat cat food?

You have a pet cat, and you forgot to place its food out of the bunny’s reach. Your bunny, taking advantage of the moment, starts munching it. What will you do?

Well! Here’s the answer. In such a case, observe your bunny. Cat food can cause behavioral changes like unwillingness to eat food and inactivity. Similarly, it also causes digestive problems like changed stool color, diarrhea, and gas.

If you notice any of the symptoms, rush immediately to the vet. If consumed a small amount, it will not be much harmful. Your bunny will face digestive issues only.

But the excess amount can be fatal as it causes gastrointestinal stasis. Consequently, organ failure happens, which can even cause the death of your pet.

Can rabbits eat dry cat food?

Can rabbits eat cat dried cat food? The main ingredients of all types of cat food are the same. Dry cat food has less amount of moisture compared to a wet one.

Being carnivores, cats’ diet must contain meat which is not a rabbit’s dietary requirement. Similarly, carbs and fats are also not good for rabbits.

In short, be it dry or wet cat food, it is NOT good for the bunny’s health.


What food is good for your rabbits?

Buy fresh green vegetables for your bunnies. They love hay and alfalfa pellets. Strawberry tops are also good for them as they are also green. Similarly, celery, broccoli, tomatoes, and carrots are good for bunnies.

Bunnies also eat fruits. As they are rich in sugar, give fruits occasionally as a treat to your bunnies.

Final thoughts – Can rabbits eat cat food?

Can rabbits eat cat food? It is a question mostly asked by people who want to keep cats and rabbits as their pets. They have to buy specific food for them. Rabbits cannot eat cat food, and cats cannot eat rabbit food.

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