Can Rabbits Eat Carrot Tops?


Can rabbits eat carrot tops? It is a must-ask question when you give carrots to your rabbits, and luckily the answer is a yes. If you eat carrots, you cut off the tops and throw them in the trash. But just like other things, most pet owners love to be thrifty and share these tops with their bunnies.

Well, the answer to the question, can rabbits eat carrot tops is a yes, but you must keep one thing in mind rabbits don’t need these tops daily and in abundance. Rabbits are evolved to fetch nutrients, minerals, and other required elements from hay and grass.


Read along to know the benefits of this food when you keep the food in moderation:

Reasons Why Can Rabbits Eat Carrot Tops Is A Big Yes:

Many rabbit owners ask, can rabbits eat carrot tops? because of the benefits of this part. Carrot itself is not good food for your bunnies because of its high sugar and carbs. Contrary to the common beliefs and cartoon characters’ habits, rabbits don’t need carrots in abundance.

Carrot tops provide various health benefits to bunnies but only if you keep the food in moderation. A bunny can have the following benefits if you follow the rule of moderation:

1.      Chlorophyll Helps Fight Cancer

We all know that leaves have chlorophyll, but not everybody knows that the chlorophyll of carrot tops is a great thing to add to a rabbit’s diet.

When you offer carrot tops as an occasional treat, the bunny gets a healthy dose of chlorophyll that will work as a cancer-fighting agent.

These tops will decrease the chances of cancer in small and adult bunnies. There is a risk of diarrhea with small rabbits when you overfeed them carrot tops.

 Remove the root fully from the top to decrease the chances of diarrhea. Small bunnies cannot stand against high-carb food like carrot root.

2.      Fiber Increases Food Motility In The Digestive System

Rabbits need healthy dietary fiber to keep their digestive tract in optimal condition. You can provide hay to the bunny for better digestion. But when you ask can rabbits eat carrot tops, you will also learn the dietary benefit of this food.

Carrot tops are loaded with dietary fiber to increase motility if your bunny suffers from constipation.

But if the bunny is healthy and you give carrot top in abundance, this fiber can also make them suffer from severe diarrhea. In such a situation, you can give them water and fresh hay.

3.      Calcium Increases Bone Density

Growing bunnies need calcium-rich food for the healthy growth of their bones. To increase bone density, many owners give carrot tops to the juveniles.

But you must keep in mind that calcium has crystalizing properties, and it can affect their health badly in excess.

Seniors and adult bunnies don’t need calcium like juveniles. When you give them calcium-loaded food, you make them suffer from UTIs and kidney issues.

This food can also result in kidney stones, the most painful thing for the bunny.

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4.      Antioxidants Ward Off Toxins And Increase Skin Health

The food and environment around us increase the number of toxins in our bodies. The same goes for the bunnies.

High toxins result in skin infection, matted coats, and compromised eye health. You can offer them the carrot tops to get a healthy dose of anti-oxidants.

Carrot tops are rich in beta-carotene and lutein. These elements work as anti-oxidant to collect and push the toxins from the body.

They take advantage of the urinary system for the toxins to start their departure from the body. These anti-oxidants increase coat shine and enhance eye health.

The Disadvantages Of Carrot Tops

You have read the answer to the question, can rabbits eat carrot tops? Which is a yes and comes with great benefits. But carrot tops can be problematic for bunnies if you don’t follow the moderation rule and give them this food daily.

The carrot tops in abundance can make your bunny suffer from the following:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Dehydration
  • Stomach ache
  • Bloating
  • Gas

Can Rabbits Eat Carrot Tops?

Can rabbits eat carrot tops? The question of can rabbits eat carrot tops has a yes as an answer. But vets and experts suggest that you add the tops with other veggies to increase the nutritional profile of the food. The leaves high in oxalic acid can be hazardous for bunnies.

Adding carrot tops and leaves with the high oxalic diet will help you ward off the bad effects. It will help you save the skin and coat of your bunnies. Sharing carrot tops every day will not result in good, and you should avoid this practice.

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