Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard?


Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard? You must have asked yourself while looking at them, munching on this packing accessory. Well, rabbits can eat cardboard and get some nutritional and health benefits as long as the cardboard is free from industrial goodies like glues, tapes, and coloring.

Read along to know the nutritional value, dental health benefits, and other advantages of this product for your rabbits. You will also learn how much cardboard is safe for them to eat and what type of cardboard you should avoid giving to your rabbits.


Is Cardboard A Healthy Dietary Supplement For Rabbits?

Cardboard is safe for your rabbit, but it is not a necessary diet that is a must for them. You cannot make cardboard the only food for your rabbit. It could be a healthy treat, though, but the main course food for your rabbit should consist of food rich with the following:

  • Fats
  • Proteins
  • Minerals
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins

Cardboard lacks all the above-mentioned necessary items for your rabbit. There is only one nutritional benefit for your rabbit when they eat cardboard.

Most cardboards are rich in cellulose, an essential part of their dietary needs. But some other vegetables and plants can provide a healthy amount of cellulose daily. These food items rich in cellulose are:

  • Hay
  • Leafy greens
  • Lettuce

A diet filled with cellulose and not rich in other nutrients will make your rabbit lose health and immunity. Experts suggest that you limit the amount of cardboard and offer your rabbits a variety of different foods.

What Are The Benefits Of Cardboard Eating For Rabbits?

Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard? Yes, they can. Apart from cellulose, there are various other benefits of cardboard eating that helps your rabbit promote health and immunity. These benefits range from physical to mental, but you must keep an eye on their cardboard consumption, so they don’t get into any trouble.

1.      Cardboard Promotes Dental Health

The first benefit that comes from cardboard eating is dental health. Rabbit’s teeth keep growing at a substantial rate. They need something to chew and grind their teeth.

Giving them cardboard with twigs and staple food will also keep their teeth shape. Only the four front incisors from 28 teeth need this continuous grinding. Cardboard provides a perfect exercise for this activity.

2.      Mental Stimulation From Cardboard For Rabbits

When pet parents go out of the house for a job or office, the pets cannot cope with the stress of being alone. Rabbits are social animals, and they cannot survive alone for some extended time. They resort to destructive behavior; they start chewing and destroying valuables and furniture in your absence. 

But when you give them cardboard as a toy, they will keep chewing it whenever they are under stress and feel absorbed in the process. This mechanism helps them avoid separation anxiety and live a happy life without showing any destructive behavior.

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3.      Cardboard Promotes Physical Activity

When rabbits don’t have toys to stimulate them for action, they can gain weight and go obese. Obesity is the mother of numerous diseases. Rabbits can get bored of different toys more often. The best option is to give them a cardboard house with windows and doors.

Your rabbit will love to roam around and play in the cardboard house even if there is no other companion. The rabbit will gnaw, chew, and eat this treat and love running and playing simultaneously.

Are All Cardboards Safe For My Rabbit?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a big no. All the cardboards are not safe for your rabbits. Various cardboards use industrial-grade material that can make your rabbit sick and suffering from digestive issues.

The presence of some metallic material could cause a choking hazard or claim their life. The list of the unsafe cardboards contains:

  • Industrial strength cardboard
  • Glossy outer layer
  • Colored with ink
  • Tapes on it
  • Contains staples

Ink is poisonous for your pets, and glossy sheet is a serious life threat for your beloved bunnies. Always remove tapes and staples from the cardboard before offering these as a treat or toy to your bunnies.


Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard?

What Is The Best cardboard My Rabbit Can Eat? Toilet paper rolls don’t have any staples, tape, or glue. They are safe for your rabbits. Paper towel rolls have the same characteristics and offer your rabbits a healthy and safe treat.

Cellulose from the cardboard is not the only thing your rabbit needs. Please provide them with hay, lettuce, fruits, and apple twig to live a healthy life.

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