Can Rabbits Eat Beetroot?


Can rabbits eat beetroot? It comes to the mind of every pet owner who knows the benefits of this superfood. The answer to this question is Yes, they can but in moderation.

This vegetable root has many benefits for bunnies; still, you cannot offer it as a daily diet. You must understand the effects of this vegetable on your rabbit before adding it as a treat to their diet plan.

The following information will help you understand the good and bad in the beetroot for your bunny. You will also learn how safely you can offer this treat to your bunny to keep the rabbits happy and healthy. Read along and know your answers:


Is Beetroot Safe For Rabbits To Eat?

According to the Technical University of Madrid, you should feed beetroot to your rabbit as an energy booster only. The energy booster should be given not more than four times a week.

The use of beetroot will, in moderate amounts, help the growth of young rabbits and increase the muscle strength and energy of senior rabbits.

Can Rabbits Eat Every Part of Beetroot?

Every part of this veggie offers a different nutritional blend for rabbits. But you must be aware that some parts should be used more sparingly for your cute little bunnies.

1.      Can Rabbits Eat Beetroot Leaves?

Beetroot leaves are safe for rabbits only in a small amount. The presence of oxalic acid makes them a GI tract enemy in substantial quantity. The high amount of potassium is also not safe for your rabbits.

2.      Can You Feed Beetroot Tops To Your Rabbits?

The top or bulb of beetroot is loaded with high sugar, pectin, and dietary fiber. This is the very part of beetroot that pet parents can offer as an energy booster to the rabbits. But beware, giving more of it will make your pets fat and suffer from other digestive issues.

3.      Can You Feed Rabbits Beetroot Stalks?

This part contains the least sugar and a meager amount of other harmful minerals like potassium or oxalic acid. Still, you cannot make this part a common ingredient in their daily diet plan.

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Pros and Cons Of Feeding Beetroot To Rabbits?

Beetroots are rich in sugar, fiber, and other minerals for all. But according to experts, there is more harm to the rabbit than benefits if you feed them this treat in substantial quantity.


1.      Beetroot Works As An Energy Booster For Rabbits

If your rabbit is lethargic, you can offer a small teaspoon of beetroot to make them full of energy. Pectin and sugar provide readily available energy to your rabbits within minutes.

2.      Rabbits Can Get Protein from The Leaves

Young rabbits can get growth sport from beetroot leaves. The greens are filled with healthy protein that helps boost energy levels and foster body functions.


1.      It Contains Too Much Sugar

The high amount of sugar regularly will make your rabbit fat. Obesity is not the only problem here high dose of sugar will affect the GI tract, and your bunny can suffer from Diabetes and chronic digestive issues.

2.      Too much Potassium Is Bad For Digestive Health

Potassium can alter the digestive system and acid balance inside the body. It will make them lethargic and will weaken their muscles. If you do not treat these symptoms and digestive issues in your bunny, the poor soul might die of the problems.

3.      Oxalic Acid Will Cause Continuous Diarrhea

Oxalic acid softens the stool and disrupts the digestive tract, and your bunny will suffer from continuous diarrhea. You don’t need an expert to know how bad this could be for your bunny.

How Can You Safely Offer Beetroot To Your Rabbits?

The exact safe to eat quantity for the rabbit will vary depending on the size and breed of the bunnies. But the following method will help you break the enigma of beetroot feeding:

  • Feed only a teaspoon to your rabbit
  • Wait for two days and watch for the change in behavior
  • Look an eye on the symptoms of diarrhea or vomiting
  • If symptoms are there, offer hay and green grass to flush the beetroot from their system safely
  • If there are no symptoms after two days, add one more teaspoon and give to your rabbit

Can Rabbits Eat Beetroot?

Is Beetroot Safe for Rabbits? The answer to this question is a yes. All you need is to offer the beetroot as a treat occasionally.

If you see a rabbit is lethargic and out of energy, a teaspoon or two sometimes will not cause any harm. But giving this veggie regularly is a big no for your rabbit.

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