Can rabbits eat arugula?


Arugula or garden rocket is a famous salad all over the world. But here, a question arises: can rabbits eat arugula? Many people who own a rabbit have always been concerned with this. Eruca Sativa or arugula is a peppery flavored edible leaf that belongs to the Brassicaceae family.

So, can Rabbits eat arugula? In short—yes! Rabbits enjoy eating it. This vegetable contains many beneficial entities like minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and much more. To find out more about the arugula effects on your rabbit, keep reading!


Can rabbits eat arugula? 

Absolutely, yes! You can undeniably give arugula to your bunny but make sure that you are feeding them its limited amount sparingly. It is the safest leafy vegetable which many pets enjoy due to its taste and nice texture.

The nutritional data of arugula reveals that it’s a very beneficial and healthy veggie that is enriched with different nutrients. However, we can’t deny that it also has a very high calcium amount in it. Yes, you heard that right!

Normally, while preparing an arugula meal for the pet, it is better to mix it up with some other leafy vegetables & chop them altogether. This mixture of beneficial vegetables is sufficient for your bunny, which weighs around 2 pounds every day.

How much rocket should a rabbit consume?

Can rabbits eat arugula? How much arugula can they consume? Although this vegetable is highly safe for rabbits, it should not be included in their diet on a regular basis to avoid issues.

You can simply give him arugula if he is 12 weeks old or more – so that his immune system becomes strong enough to indulge it efficiently.

Moreover, an adult bunny can consume about two big arugula leaves around 2 to 3 times a week. Also, the mature rabbits that have a weight of a minimum of 61lbs will probably be able to have a handful of this vegetable in general.

Yes, it’s always recommended to mix them up with other green veggies to have better outcomes. Just keep its quantity less when given in the beginning, and after a passage of time, you can simply increase the amount.

Why do some rabbits dislike arugula?

Like human beings, animals also have their preferences and taste in food. So, bunnies can also like or dislike arugula because of taste. Therefore, if your rabbit dislikes it because of its peppery taste and turns his nose up at it, try not to force them to eat it.

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Many options are also available that can simply replace the arugula from their diets. Simply add butter lettuce, pumpkin, celery, cucumber, tomato, and carrot to your bunny’s diet, as they can be a better replacement for arugula.

Why is arugula good for bunnies?

Arugula or rocket is beneficial for bunnies as it has lots of essential minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients in it. For instance, it is highly enriched with vitamin K, E, and A, which the bunnies really need in their diet. Vitamin A is also present in the hay, so you can make it part of their diet for exceptional benefits.

The moisture content of arugula is also quite helpful for them as all the rabbits need lots of water intake. This water intake can become possible whether through drinking or consuming natural food.

Arugula, as an important part of the diet, highly ensures that the rabbit is consuming enough minerals and vitamins they require.

What are the effects of arugula overconsumption?

Per 100g arugula, 29kcal with 2.6 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of fiber is present. It also contains about 9.17mg of water and 1.5 grams of carbohydrates. This leafy veggie contains adequate nutrients in all aspects. But remember, their over-consumption can also lead to health issues.

Intake of excess vitamin C can also cause some kidney disorders as they even produce vitamin C themselves. So, make sure to avoid giving excessive arugula to avoid any kind of severe health problems in the future.


Conclusion- Can rabbits eat arugula?

Is eating arugula good for your rabbit? Can rabbits eat arugula? Yes, it absolutely is! It has lots of health benefits. But if your rabbit generally experiences discomfort after eating it, then visit a vet for consultation.

As a rabbit owner, what actually matters the most is the happiness and good health of your Lil pet.

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