Can Rabbits Eat Apple Skin?


Can rabbits eat apple skin? There is no doubt that humans love apples, but the question is can rabbits eat apple skin? Every bunny owner wants to know the answer to this question. Well! If you are also a rabbit owner, this question might be hitting your mind too. If it’s so, then welcome! You’ve clicked the right blog.

We all know that apples impart health benefits, and their skin is more nutritious than its core. But can rabbits eat apple skin? Well! A clear and simple answer is YES, rabbits can eat apple skin. They love apple peels.

Rabbits need a fibrous diet, and apple skin is rich in fibers. That’s why scientists also recommend apple skin for rabbits but in moderation.

Now, let’s add the spice of science to answer this question and others, like, is apple skin nutritious? What are its health benefits? To know the answers, stick to this blog.


Why YES to can rabbits eat apple skin?

Apple is a nutritious fruit. We often throw its peel away. But this is not what you should do. If you have a pet rabbit, feed him with the peels. The apple skin contains vitamins like A and C, fibers, and antioxidants.


You might be wondering how the nutrients mentioned earlier benefit your bunny. Being a pet owner, getting curious about many things is just normal. I’ll not make you wait for more. Let’s kick off with the benefits.

  • Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin. It helps bunnies to see in low-intensity light. As they cannot synthesize Vitamin A, it is taken from the diet they eat. For this reason, their diet should contain apple skin.
  • Vitamin C is good for your bunnies’ immune system. The bacteria in their gut synthesize this vitamin. But under stressful conditions, extra amounts may be required that are provided through the diet.
  • Fibers are good for the digestive health of rabbits. They maintain gut motility. A fibrous diet acts as an abrasion for rabbits’ teeth. They are also appetite stimulators.
  • Antioxidants prevent the rabbit tissues from oxidative damage.

Now, you might regret throwing such nutritious food in the dustbin. If dustbin were a living thing, it would have said; I love you a thousand times. Just kidding!

How frequently can rabbits eat apple skin?

Feeding two apple slices and the skin once a week is enough for your rabbits. Do not exceed this limit as the whitish part of the apple is high in sugar.

Give them apples as a treat which should not be more than 10% of the total daily calorie intake. If consumed too much, it can damage your buns teeth which you would obviously not want.

Moreover, your rabbit can get obese and inactive. Inactive rabbits die earlier compared to active ones.

Did You Know?

We have written many articles about what rabbits can eat. But did you know about this one? Can rabbits eat apples with skin?

Can baby rabbits eat apple skin?

Adult rabbits are delicate, but their babies are even more sensitive. They need extra care and protection. Their internal organs are also quite weak.

Apple skin is harsh on the digestive tract. It can cause them internal wounds. They cannot digest it. Only mother’s milk is a good diet for them. Therefore, please do not feed them apple skin.

Can apple skin be harmful to your Rabbits?

Apple skin itself does not contain any harmful compounds. To protect apples from pests, they are sprayed with pesticides.

If you do not wash them properly, your bunny might ingest them. As pesticides contain harmful chemical compounds, they can poison your rabbit, leading to organ failure and death.

An apple a day keeps a doctor away is a common proverb we have heard since childhood. Today you’ll learn a new proverb for rabbits. “An unrinsed apple can bring a vet closer.”

Therefore, wash the apples properly if you don’t want this to happen. As a result, the chemicals are rinsed off.

Can rabbits eat apple seeds?

It’s an important question to answer as many people don’t know its answer. But let me tell you very clearly that never feed your bunnies with apple seeds. They contain amygdalin.

It, after ingestion, converts into hydrogen cyanide. It is a highly toxic compound that can cause even the death of your rabbits. So, you need to be extra careful when eating apples or feeding your buns with them.


Wrapping up – Can Rabbits eat apple skin?

Pet owners commonly ask can rabbits eat apple skin. The answer is yes. Apple skin contains vitamins, antioxidants, and fibers.

All are good for your bunnies’ health, but in a limited amount. But never feed baby rabbits apple skin as it is not suitable for them.

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