Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt?


Can hamsters eat yogurt? Unquestionably, yogurt is a magical treat. It imparts mind-blowing healthy benefits to humans; that’s why you have it almost daily. But you have a pet hamster. Right? Stop for a moment and think!

Can hamsters eat yogurt? Is it a good snack to share with your rodent? Well! You would be glad to know that hamsters can eat yogurt. It is a completely safe and healthy treat for them. To know more, keep reading!

Can hamsters eat yogurt? Yogurt is a dairy product that boosts your hammy’s gut health. Made from fresh milk, yogurt contains probiotic bacteria.

These are good bacteria that ferment milk and enhance its nutritional value. Humans have it in their breakfast or as an evening snack with chopped fruits. But can hamsters eat yogurt? Is it safe for them?


Is Yogurt Good For Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat yogurt? Though yogurt is a healthy human snack, it also has several benefits for hamsters. Let’s uncover some of them;

Vitamin B12

Yogurt is enriched with a lot of vitamins and minerals. One among them is vitamin B 12. It is good for your rodent friend’s bones, hair, and skin. Moreover, it has a good effect on your pet’s mood too.


Also known as vitamin B2, hamsters need riboflavin to metabolize fats, carbohydrates, and some proteins. In addition, it also improves your hammy’s vision.


Hammies need calcium for healthy bones and teeth. But excess of it can put your rodent friend in trouble as it causes bladder stones. So, you must be very careful while feeding yogurt to the hamster.


Another mineral important to your rodent friend is phosphorus. It requires phosphorus for the conduction of nerve impulses. Furthermore, it also plays an important part in strengthening the hammy’s bones. 


Yogurt also contains potassium that hammies need to keep the blood pressure normal. Moreover, it also reduces the risks of heart disease in them. 


Yogurt contains good bacteria that promote the growth of intestinal bacteria. Hence, improving digestion and overall alimentary canal health.


The last but most important nutrient in yogurt is a protein that keeps your hammy’s muscles strong and has other benefits.

For these reasons, occasionally give your hammy the startling yogurt treat so he can get maximum benefits. 

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What Are The Risks Of Feeding Yogurt To Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat yogurt? Is it safe for hamsters or not?

After knowing about the nutritional benefits of yogurt, it would be unjust not to highlight its risks. So, here are some of the risks that you have to be aware of while feeding yogurt to your hammy;

Yogurt contains fats

At any cost, a high intake of fats is unsafe for your rodent friend. Too much fat causes indigestion. Another dark side of fats is obesity. An obese hamster is more prone to other fatal diseases. That’s why you should feed your hammy yogurt occasionally.

Sodium is also bad

Although the amount of sodium in yogurt is safe for humans but not for hamsters. If fed daily, the sodium present in yogurt can cause high blood pressure and dehydration. Moreover, high levels of sodium affect your hammy’s bones.

Sugar also wreaks havoc.

The sweet taste of yogurt is due to its sugar content. So, if your hammy eats a large quantity of yogurt, the sugar will deteriorate its teeth and cause diabetes. So, you have to look for one with low levels of sugar.

Probiotic bacteria can be a problem too.

Undoubtedly, probiotic bacteria promote your health, but too much of them can cause bloating in hamsters. As yogurt is not a hammy food, try to feed only a small amount of it to the pet. 

Can Hamsters Eat Flavored Yogurts?

Can hamsters eat yogurt? Most flavored yogurts have added sugars and additives. Both are bad for hammies. Sugar causes diabetes and obesity.

On the other hand, additives are all chemicals. They upset the pet’s stomach and cause many other health problems. Therefore, flavored yogurts are a big no! A bad option to opt for!


How Much Yogurt Is Safe For Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat yogurt? What’s the safe amount? Well! The answer is it depends. Yes, the safe amount of yogurt depends on the breed of hamster. Giant hamsters like the Syrian breed can have a tablespoon of yogurt.

On the other hand, dwarf hamsters are very small and unable to digest yogurt. In between these two breeds are the Robo hamsters. Their digestive systems can process only a teaspoon of yogurt. Also, ensure you give them this quantity of yogurt once a week. 

The Bottom Line

Can hamsters eat yogurt? Yes, but in moderation. It imparts many health benefits to hamsters, but if fed in large amounts, it can cause problems too. So stick to the safe amount.

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