Can Hamsters Eat Walnuts?

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We can agree that hamsters are very adorable social pets to keep. However, it can be so difficult for most of us to take care of them because there may not be enough information at our disposal on the many questions that may arise about them. For instance, the question, “Can hamsters eat walnuts?” The answer to this question is yes.

We, as pet owners, are charged with the responsibility to ensure that hamsters eat food, plus we give them treats that add more nutrition and health benefits. Therefore, we would represent bad “parents” if we feed them with foods that could harm their health. That is the reason why we wonder quite often with the question of what can and can’t hamsters eat. We are trying to be cautious with how we take care of them in all these.

can hamsters eat walnuts

Nutrinional Benefits of Walnuts For Hamsters

Though most nuts grow underground, walnuts grow in trees and are very delicious. They are highly produced in China, although anyone can easily grow them, making them easily accessible. That is why most people want to know whether they can be fed to hamsters.

I will emphasize here that you should limit the quantities of walnuts because though they have a lot of benefits on the health of hamsters, they also pose a high risk in large quantities. If we act to be too generous to our pets by giving them several walnuts that they feel like eating, only because they seem to enjoy, then we are putting them in more danger later.

How Many Walnuts Are Good For Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat walnuts? Yes. Hamsters are classified as rodents. All rodents are nut eaters though hamsters are special because they are omnivores. They also can eat vegetables. Generally, though hamsters can eat walnuts, the amount to feed them depends on the breed of your hamster.

The size of hamsters varies with the breed and thus the strength of their digestive system. The bigger the size, the more you can give. You can give a small amount of walnut to Robos and Syrian but a tiny amount to whilst Dwarfs. Syrian are large breeds of hamsters and can be given two or fewer walnuts per week.

Robo can be given one walnut each week. The Dwarf variety should be fed with walnut every two weeks.

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Benefits of Walnuts for Hamster

Walnuts have numerous benefits for humans. You may wonder whether they have the same beneficial contributions to your hamsters. Absolutely! Provided you moderate the number of walnuts that you give to your pet, then no doubt that the hamsters will get benefits for their health. Some of these health benefits include:

  • Antioxidants- It helps to protect your pet from all problems that are related to age, for instance, cancer.
  • Protein-It assists in the growth in size and strength in addition to protecting the health of the hamsters.
  • Vitamin B- This is very beneficial because it provides your pet with enough energy and also boosts its immune systems to help it recover quickly in times of disease attacks.
  • Vitamin E- This is also very important because it boosts skin and eye health.
  • Omega 3 fat-it improves general health.

Risks of Giving Hamsters Walnuts

As it is said, “a coin has two sides,” Walnuts, though with so many benefits, also have their “other side.” Failure to limit your quantity of feeding Walnuts to your lovely pet causes a serious health challenge to them. These risks include:

  • Obesity-If you feed your hamsters with too many walnuts, they can become obese as a result of the high-fat content contained in these kinds of nuts.
  • Digestive issues- Walnuts are known to be so acidic. This implies that too much consumption can result in your hamster having a stomach upset.
  • Choking-Depending on the size of your hamster, consider cutting the walnut to help reduce the size because at times it can result in choking due to their big size.
  • Malnutrition-Walnuts are delicious which means that they can also lead to filling to an extent that your hamster may not like to eat something else.
can hamsters eat walnuts

Are Walnuts Safe For Hamsters?

Yes, they are. From the article, we have seen that they indeed have too many benefits in general. There is a strict precaution not to give too many walnuts to hamsters because they can also be risky.

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