Can Hamsters Eat String Cheese?


Can hamsters eat string cheese? String cheese is one of the most popular dairies worldwide. Whenever you have it as a snack, we bet the thought of feeding it to your hammy might have clicked in your mind. But is it safe for hamsters? Can hamsters eat string cheese

Luckily, the answer is in your favor. String cheese is a healthy option for hamsters, and you can entertain them with the taste of the cheese. However, overfeeding the cheese has a few caveats. Read the blog and learn everything about hamsters and string cheese.


Is String Cheese Safe for Hamsters? 

Before jumping to the answer, it’s essential to know what string cheese is. String cheese is a creamy, flavorful cheese.

Instead of crumbling or breaking apart, it naturally attains the appearance of string or thread during preparation. You can get it from any market selling dairy.  

Can hamsters eat string cheese? Well! As far as the answer is considered yes, hamsters can eat string cheese. They love nibbling on it.

It’s not only a healthy snack for humans but for hamsters too. Feed them this nutritious snack in moderate amounts. Overfeeding has a terrible impact on your little gnawers’ health.

What Benefits Do a Hamster Get From String Cheese?

Can hamsters eat string cheese? What makes string cheese a good choice for hamsters? If fed occasionally, string cheese is a healthy snack for hamsters. Here is the list of a few nutrients it contains.

1.   Calcium

Calcium is a vital mineral for hamsters. It keeps their bones and teeth healthy. Besides, hamsters also need calcium for proper muscle movement.

2.   Vitamin B12

Another crucial nutrient for hamsters is vitamin B 12. It plays a significant role in the synthesis of DNA and the proper functioning of the nervous system. Moreover, it also aids in metabolism and prevents anemia.

3.   Selenium

Selenium has antioxidant properties. It boosts hammies’ immune health and maintains their coat health. Furthermore, it also has a role in fertility. 

4.   Magnesium 

Hamsters require magnesium for proper nerve and muscle function. It also aids in maintaining blood sugar levels and keeps blood pressure regular. Besides, it also aids specific proteins in performing their operations. 

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5.   Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for hamsters. It plays a crucial role in metabolism. Besides, it boosts the skin and coat health of your tiny gnawers. 

6.   Fats

Gnawers also need fats for proper health. The healthy fats in string cheese boost hamsters’ overall health.

Can String Cheese Harm Your Pet?

Can hamsters eat string cheese? Are there any side effects of feeding string cheese to hamsters? All hamster owners have this question in mind, so we also addressed it.

In adequate amounts, string cheese is safe as an occasional treat. But overfeeding has a lot of side effects. Here are some common ones.

1.     Obesity

Cheese contains a lot of fats, and hamsters are prone to obesity. Overconsumption of cheese makes them obese, which is the root cause of many other health issues. 

2.     Lactose intolerance 

Most hamsters can easily digest cheese. But a few are lactose intolerant. If you forcefully feed such hamsters cheese, it causes diarrhea and vomiting. So, before providing hamsters with dairy products, check them for lactose intolerance by giving them only a tiny amount. 

3.     Kidney issues

String cheese contains sodium. Overconsumption leaves your hamsters dehydrated and causes kidney problems.

What’s the Right Amount of Cheese for Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat string cheese? What’s the right amount? Before feeding any food to hamsters, knowing about the safe amount is essential. This way, your pet will be safe from the ill effects of overfeeding.

Don’t feed the entire string of cheese to your pet. For it to stay healthy, a pea-sized piece is enough. Feed this small amount only once or twice a week.


What To Do If Hamsters Overeat String Cheese?

Can hamsters eat string cheese? String cheese should never be a part of a hamster’s regular diet. If your little furry gnawer gets its paws on string cheese, it’ll consume it all at once. In that case, wait for the symptoms of overconsumption, such as diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

Diarrhea causes dehydration, which can take your pet’s life if not treated on time. Therefore, if your pet shows symptoms of overeating cheese, take it immediately to a vet. 

Wrapping It Up – Can hamsters eat string cheese?

Can hamsters eat string cheese? The answer is yes. Hamsters can eat string cheese in moderation. It has a lot of nutrients that the little gnawers need to stay healthy.

However, overfeeding puts their sensitive stomach under constraint. Therefore, give hamsters only a pea-sized amount of cheese once or twice a week.

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