Can Hamsters Eat Shrimp?


Can hamsters eat shrimp? Each year people of America consume 1.4 billion shrimp. It is a huge number which shows how much they love having seafood.

But can they share shrimp will their pet, hammy? Can hamsters eat shrimp? Is it safe for the pet? Luckily, the answer is yes. Hamsters can eat shrimp but only in adequate amounts.

Shrimp is a seafood that is consumed all over the world. It has more than 128 species. Shrimp farming is now common in many countries due to its increasing demand.

Moreover, it is eaten as an appetizer, an important part of salads, or a main dish. It is super easy to cook, and Americans’ favorite too. But is it your hamsters’ favorite? Let’s find it out!


Is Shrimp Safe For Your Furry’s Consumption?

Can hamsters eat shrimp? Are Shrimp and Hamster a perfect combo? Well! Hamsters love shrimpy treats. The taste of shrimp can drive your hamster crazy. Besides being tasty, it provides vital nutrients to your pet too.

The shrimp that belong to seawater usually have high sodium content. On the other hand, freshwater shrimp has no such drawbacks. So, keeping this in mind, we can say that freshwater shrimp are safe for your fluffy pet, but moderation is the key.

What Are The Benefits Of Shrimp To Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat shrimp? Do they impart any health benefits to your furry companion? Let’s discover!

1. Protein

Protein is one of the vital nutrients that hamsters need for proper development. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in many metabolic pathways.

2. Iron

Shrimp contains iron which is another important nutrient. It prevents your cute little rodent from anemia.

3. Zinc

Zinc keeps your hammy protected from pathogens. In other words, it boosts your pet’s immunity to fight against diseases.

4. Magnesium

Magnesium keeps your hammy’s bones in good health and maintains his cardiovascular health.

5. Vitamin B

Vitamin B keeps your hamster active.

6. Omega fatty acids

Shrimp contains omega fatty acids that are good for the rodent’s heart health.

7. Astaxanthin

Have you ever wondered why shrimp has red color? It is due to the presence of a pigment called astaxanthin. It is an antioxidant that prevents cancer and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

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Risks Of Feeding Shrimp To Hamsters

Can hamsters eat shrimp? Without any health risks? If in moderation, the answer is yes but overfeeding causes many health problems. Some are discussed here:

1. Nutritional imbalances

Hamsters are omnivores and can eat a wide variety of food. Sticking to only shrimp causes nutritional imbalances as it does not contain all the necessary nutrients that hammies require for proper growth. So don’t stick to just shrimp. Offer other foods to your pet as well.

2. Obesity

Shrimp contains small amounts of fats too. Overfeeding can cause obesity, making your hammy prone to many other health problems.

3. High blood pressure

Seawater shrimp contain high amounts of sodium. If your hamster takes in such a high sodium level, it can cause high blood pressure and many other diseases. So feed your hamster only freshwater shrimp.

How Much Shrimp Should You Feed Your Hamster?

Can hamsters eat shrimp? The amount of shrimp a hamster processes depends upon its breed. Suppose you have a Syrian hamster; one teaspoon of shrimp weekly is enough for him.

On the other hand, Robo hamsters are small when compared with the Syrian ones, so give them only one teaspoon after every two weeks.

The tiniest breed is Dwarf hamsters. They can easily process one teaspoon of shrimp if given every month. These are the ideal amounts. If overfed, shrimp can cause health problems in hamsters.


How To Feed Your Hamster Shrimp?

Can hamsters eat shrimp? How to feed shrimp to hamsters? Do you know the best way of cooking shrimp for your fluffy rodent? No? No problem. We will guide you.

Steaming is the best way to cook shrimp. It does not destroy the taste of the shrimp. Also, don’t add spices, herbs, or other flavoring agents.

Moreover, once the shrimp is cooked properly, cut it down into easily chewable pieces and serve it to your hammy. Start with a small serving size. If your hamster shows interest in the treat, increase the amount slowly.

The Bottom Line – Can hamsters eat shrimp?

Can hamsters eat shrimp? Well! The answer is yes. Shrimp contains many important nutrients that affect the hamsters’ overall health.

However, there are a handful of caveats if the seafood is overfed. So make sure you feed the right amount of shrimp to your pet.

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