Can Hamsters Eat Rice?

can hamsters eat rice

The well-being and health of your hamsters fully depend on their diet. As an owner of hamsters, you should pay attention to what you are feeding your hamster. So, can hamsters eat rice? Yes, feeding rice to your hamsters is very safe.

It should be fed the right amount and prepared correctly. Rice should be fed to hamsters as a treat once in a while. It can all be added to the daily diet but in a small amount. The health of your hamster will be at risk if you feed it too much rice.

Your hamster can be fed cooked, plain, and even unsweetened rice. For the first time, give it a few pieces, then observe its reaction to see if it likes it or not. If it enjoys eating the rice, you should consider feeding it to your hamster.

can hamsters eat rice

How much rice is good for Hamsters?

You have to know the maximum amount of rice your hamster can be fed. The breed of your hamster will determine the maximum amount of rice you can give to your hamster.

  • Syrian hamsters can eat more rice than the other breeds because they are the largest. Their digestive system is stronger and less sensitive to a large quantity of food. Six grains of rice every week is good for it.
  • Robo hamsters should be given lesser rice because they are smaller than the Syrian breed. Four grains of rice a week is enough for the Robo hamster.
  • Chinese Campbell, Dwarf hamsters, and Russian hamsters are smaller and more fragile than other breeds. They should be given a few rice grains every week and should also be treated with care.

What kind of rice is good for Hamsters?

There is the white, whole grain, and brown rice and the cooked and uncooked type. They are all good for your hamster when prepared in the right way. The rice should be prepared without any seasonings or oils in it.

You should not give overcooked and undercooked rice to your hamster because it will rot in its cheek pouches if it remains there for a long time. It will result in it getting infected. It is also easier for your hamster to store uncooked rice in its cheek pockets.

Whole grains and brown rice are good and more nutritious for your hamster than white rice. This is because the outer husk of the whole grain and brown rice has not been removed. Vitamin B, fiber, and iron are present in the husk, making them very safe for your hamster.

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Advantages of rice for Hamsters?

When you give your hamster the correct amount of rice, they will get benefits. Below are the benefits that hamsters will get from eating rice;

  • Phosphorous – It helps with the kidney function of your hamster
  • Manganese – It prevents blood clotting and other health problems of your hamster.
  • Magnesium – It supports the nerve functions and energy of your hamster
  • Dietary Fibre – It is good for the digestive system of your hamster and also has many benefits
  • Vitamin B – It provides a lot of energy to keep your hamster active

Disadvantages of rice for your hamster

There will be some health problems or discomfort if your hamster is fed rice incorrectly and in a large quantity. Any food that is not in your hamster’s diet will cause stomach upset upon introduction. The following are the risks associated with giving your hamster a large amount of rice and incorrectly:


Your hamster can get some health problems if you feed it a lot of rice, and obesity is one of them.


Your hamster will be overhydrated if it eats a lot of rice because rice has water. Overhydration will cause diarrhea which will lead to dehydration.

Nutritional trouble

If too much rice is fed to your hamster, it will be very difficult for it to eat any other nutrient-rich foods because rice is very filling.

can hamsters eat rice

Is Rice Safe For Hamsters?

YES. You have to make sure that they like it and you should give the correct amount to them. Consulting your vet before giving rice to your hamster is recommended. Consultation is to make sure that eating rice is good for your hamster.

It would be best to be careful when feeding your hamsters with rice. The rice should be given in small portions depending on the breed. These are some benefits and risks associated with hamsters eating rice, depending on the amount you give it.

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