Can Hamsters Eat Pickles?


Can hamsters eat Pickles? Imagine you have boiled rice with curry for dinner. Besides your plate is a jar of pickles. While reaching the glass of water, you accidentally dropped the jar.

Taking advantage of the incident, your gnawer has attacked its target, the pickles! Now what? Should you be worried? Are pickles safe for hamsters? In other words, can hamsters eat pickles?

Well! The answer is no. Hamsters cannot eat pickles. So, ,if your pet has eaten pickles, you should worry. Read on to know more!


Why Are Pickles Bad For Hamsters?

Before diving into the reasons that make pickles a bad choice for hamsters, we want you to know what they are. 

Pickles are cucumbers dipped in either vinegar or brine and allowed to ferment. Some types of pickles contain extra spices too.

Though people all around the world are crazy about the flavor, they offer to the cuisines. But can hamsters eat pickles too? What makes them harmful?

Pickles are not safe for hamsters due to the following reasons:

It contains a lot of salts

The salt content of pickles is extremely high. Humans can munch them with full joy, but hamsters cannot. Such a high salt level can lead to dehydration, high blood pressure, and heart problems.

Moreover, too much sodium damages the stomach lining of hamsters. With time, it leads to gastric cancer, which causes unbearable pain. So, save your pet by avoiding pickled foods.

The vinegar makes it too acidic for your gnawer.

Pickle is acidic food. Even some humans feel uncomfortable after having it. How can it be good for your rodent?

Vinegar and the acid produced during fermentation make your rodent sick. You will notice an upset stomach or diarrhea in your furry friend.

Diarrhea in such a tiny creature is extremely lethal and can even take your companion’s life. Therefore, keep pickles away from hamsters.

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How To Stop Hamsters From Eating Pickles?

Can hamsters eat pickles? If not, how to stop them from gobbling on them?

As mentioned above, the brine and vinegar in which cucumbers are soaked make pickles extremely unhealthy for your rodent.

Still, you’ll find them going crazy for pickles just because their key ingredient is cucumber. If you are looking for ways to resist hamsters, read on!

Don’t eat pickles in front of hamsters.

You are a pet parent, so obviously, you will have to compromise on many things. No matter how much you love having pickles, try not to eat them in front of your delicate companion. 

Keep your rodent busy.

It is important to keep your pet busy. Buy a toy or a companion for him. Spend more time playing with him. It will divert his mind from pickles.

Make pickles at home.

Commercially available pickles are for human consumption, not for animals. If you want your little pet to have some pickles, make it at your home.

Keep the amount of salt and vinegar extremely low so that it would not cause much harm in small amounts.

These tips will help you a lot, so do implement them.

What To Do If Your Hamster Accidently Eats A Lot Of Pickles?

Can hamsters eat pickles? Unquestionably, pickles have deteriorating effects on hamsters’ health.

But what should you do if your hamster gobbles on pickles that you forgot on your kitchen slab? How should you react? Should you panic or not? Let’s check it out!

If you are sure your hamster has eaten a lot of pickles, he is definitely in big trouble. Don’t waste time. Take him immediately to a vet. 

But if you are unsure, first look for the symptoms of pickles overeating, such as diarrhea, vomiting, disturbed gastrointestinal tract, and other stomach issues. Also, provide your furry companion access to fresh water. 


Alternatives to Pickles for Hamsters

Pickle is a bad choice for tiny hamsters. It should never be fed to them. If it is unsafe, then what other options should you opt for? What are the healthy alternatives to pickles for these little cuties? Let’s have a look!

  • Feed your hamster daily with a spoon full of pulses. The proteins and carbs that pulses hold have unparalleled health benefits. 
  • Offer your hamster fresh hay. It is good for their teeth and light on their digestive systems. 
  • Hamsters can’t resist grinding fruits. They offer a lot of nutrients to these tiny furballs. So include fresh fruits in their diet.
  • Give them green vegetables to crunch between their teeth. They boost the gnawers’ overall health.

Therefore, feed these healthy foods to your pet and get amazing results.

The Bottom Line

Can hamsters eat pickles? No, hamsters cannot eat pickles. The salt and vinegar pickles have, make them extremely dangerous. So, look for other healthy alternatives.

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