Can Hamsters Eat Pasta?


Can hamsters eat pasta? Pasta is everyone’s love. Who can say no to this mouth-watering Italian cuisine? Would you offer him some if you have creamy, cheesy, and yummy pasta at dinner and suddenly notice your hamster wanting it too?

Would it be safe for your hammy’s delicate stomach? Can hamsters eat pasta? Luckily, the answer is yes. You can share this delicious meal with your furball but on some conditions. Read on to know more!

Pasta is one of the well-known Italian cuisines. It is made up of flour and water. Furthermore, they come in a wide variety, like noodles, macaroni, spaghetti, and many more.

You can make them delicious by adding spices, pasta sauce, veggies, and whatnot. But the question is can hamsters eat pasta too?


Is Pasta Good for Your Little Rodent?

Can hamsters eat pasta? Is it good for them? And the answer is yes! Your hammy can eat pasta but in a moderate amount. It contains nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and fibres.

Moreover, your hammy can easily digest them, too, if cooked properly. So, ensure you feed plain, unflavored, and well-cooked pasta, as uncooked is hard and challenging to digest for furries. It can also cause health issues in rodents.

Do Hamsters Like Pasta?

Can hamsters eat pasta? You and your kids love pasta. What if I say to include your hammy in the list too? Yes! You understood it right. Hamsters also like to eat pasta, which is good for them. As it is a balanced diet for your hungry little monster, it provides all the essential nutrients to them.

Moreover, the taste is also appealing to them. You can further enhance the flavour by adding a small pasta sauce. But ensure it’s not too much, as it can cause rodent stomach issues.

What Are the Health Benefits of Pasta?

Can hamsters eat pasta? What benefits does it have for hamsters? What makes it suitable for a hamster? Let’s find it out!

1.     Maintains digestive health

As mentioned before, pasta contains fiber that aids in digestion. It keeps bowel movement smooth and prevents obstruction in the intestines. Hence, it maintains the health of your hamster’s digestive system.

2.     Gives energy

As pasta is rich in carbohydrates, it is an excellent energy source. Feeding it to your hammy is a pretty good option.

3.     Prevents obesity

The fat content of pasta is relatively low. Consumption of this energy-rich food will not make your hammy obese. Another reason for calling pasta suitable for a hamster!

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4.     Essential body functions

Another essential nutrient that pasta has is protein. Hamsters need it for proper metabolism and other vital body functions.

5.     Prevents cancer

Pasta also contains antioxidants that fight against free radicals. These radicals cause oxidative damage, which causes cancer. The pasta’s antioxidant prevents cancer by preventing the activity of free radicals.

Does Pasta Have Any Side Effects on Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat pasta? There is no doubt that pasta has many health benefits but can be problematic in excess. Here are a few side effects your pet will face from overfeeding.

  1. Excessive intake of pasta can upset your hammy’s stomach. It leads to diarrhea and dehydration.
  2. As pasta is rich in carbs, it can cause obesity.
  3. Sticking to just pasta can cause a nutritional deficiency in hamsters.
  4. Oily or spicy pasta can also cause health issues in hamsters.

No pet owner would want to put his companion in trouble. So, you must be very careful while feeding pasta.

How Much Pasta Can Your Hamster Eat?

Can hamsters eat pasta? Now that you know your hammy can eat pasta, it is also essential to know the safe amount. Well! The right amount of pasta depends on the breed of hamster. If you have a Syrian hamster, feeding him one piece of pasta after every week is safe enough.


On the other hand, Robo hamsters are tiny and should be fed one piece after every two weeks. Apart from these two breeds, the third breed is dwarf hamsters.

Giving them a single piece of pasta with a gap of three weeks is considered the safe limit. So, be very careful while feeding the food to your pet and avoid offering him pasta daily.

The Bottom Line – Can hamsters eat pasta?

Can hamsters eat pasta? The answer is yes. Your hamster would love to have pasta. It contains many essential nutrients that impart many health benefits to your cute pet.

However, overfeeding can cause health problems too. So, if you want your hamster to stay healthy, do not feed him more pasta than the required amount.

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