Can Hamsters Eat Green Apples?


Can hamsters eat green apples? It is said that ”an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but is it true for pets too? Undoubtedly, humans love munching on apples and want their beloved ones to accompany them. But what if their partner is a hammy?

Can hamsters also like apples, and particularly do they love green ones? Can hamsters eat green apples? The answer is yes! Your little furry friend adores the fresh green crunchy apples. However, there is much more to learn before feeding green apples to them, so keep reading the blog.


Benefits Of Apples For Hamsters

Who doesn’t know about the healthy perspective of apples? This fruit is a full-fledged nutritional snack for a hamster. Let’s discover what wonders it can do to your hamster body.

Immunity Booster

Apples have an abundant amount of antioxidants that helps hamster to fight off different viral disease or some common colds.

The savory green apples contain a good portion of phytonutrients like quercetin which have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Pectin-rich Fruit

Apples are full of soluble fibers or pectin, effectively promoting HDL or good cholesterol in rodents and relieving them of digestive problems like diarrhea and constipation.

Promote Cardiovascular Health

Apples have a decent amount of minerals like potassium, magnesium, and copper that promote heart health, reduce the chances of stroke and keep the blood pressure of your little companion in balanced ranges.

Energy Booster

Apples have a large number of natural sugars. Feeding your hamster with apples gives them instant energy and facilitates their active movement and overall activity level.

Beware of the fact that consuming too much sugar for your pet is associated with a lot of health problems.

Maintain Dental Hygiene

Apples are also good for your hamster friend’s dental health because they are loaded with soluble fibers that remove plaque from their enamel and prevent tartar accumulation in their teeth. Also, a high calcium level in apples will make their gums stronger and healthier.

Serving Options

Can hamsters eat Green apples? Yes! Of course, they can. Hamsters enjoy the delicious apple treats given in the form of finely-cut chunks.

However, you can also choose other serving options to make your pet love this juicy fruit. Below are tips for serving green apples to your pet.

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Apple Shake

Shakes are everybody’s love, from humans to pets. Cheer your hamster with shake treats by blending green apples with other healthy fruits such as pears or oats. Also, add Greek yogurts in it and present a small cup of shake to your hamster.

Make Truffles

Hamsters love fruit and nut truffles, just as their human companion is crazy for chocolate truffles. You can make hamster truffle by adding the following ingredients to the food mixer:

  • A half-seeded green apple
  • A date
  • One tablespoon of oats

Thoroughly blend all the ingredients in the chopper to make it coarsely ground. Now take a small amount of ground mixture and roll the mixture in your hand to make a small truffle ball. Freeze the truffle balls before serving your pet.

Shredded Apple

You can also enjoy your hamster with the shredded apple. Take a green apple, grate a small portion of it and offer them to your hamster. You can also serve the shredded apple by mixing it into their commercial diet.

Risk Of Green Apples For Hamsters

Green apples can be harmful to hamsters when given in large quantities. Below are some of the common side effects that arise while eating too many green apples.

Allergic Reactions

Some breeds of hamsters do not like savory green apples at all. When given green apples first, slowly introduce them to the hamster’s diet and carefully observe their reaction. If they do not like the taste, stop feeding them green apples.

High Sugar Content

Since green apples are a little bit more acidic and contain a high ratio of calcium, phosphorus, and sugar compared to red ones, feeding too many green apples leads to obesity and type II diabetes in hamsters.


What About Apple Peel And Seeds?

Can hamsters eat green apples? Surely they can! But are peel and seeds safe for a hamster? Green apple peel is excellent for feeding as it contains dietary fibers and vitamins.

However, do not ever feed your hamster with seeds as they contain cyanide which is highly toxic to your little buddy.

Summing Up

Can hamsters eat green apples? Yes, but only in moderate quantities. Green apples have many healthy effects on hamsters’ growth and metabolism, but feeding them regularly is not a safe option.

Enjoy your pet with a variety of apple treats, either in the form of shakes or truffles but be careful of feeding its seed as it might be dangerous for your little pal.

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