Can Hamsters Eat French Fries? What You Should Know

can hamsters eat french fries

There are a lot of wonderful foods you can feed your special pet hamster. Giving your hamster even one french fry is a bad idea. They don’t eat them in the wild at all. Some of the fruits and vegetables you can safely give your hamster, in moderation, including bok choy, spinach, winter squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, tomato, okra, watercress, green beans, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, broccolini, summer squash, zucchini, parsley, bell pepper, cucumber, celery, swiss chard, mint, carrot tops, beets, and beet tops, endive, arugula, romaine, sprouts, escarole, red lettuce, bibb lettuce, and buttercrunch lettuce.

These vegetables are okay when given to your hamster in moderation, such as every other day or so. But the key question for today is: Can hamsters eat French fries? The answer is an absolute NO. A hamster should never eat French fries. French fries have unacceptable amounts of salt and fat, which they should never consume. Fat and salt are additives that are bad for pretty much everyone, especially your pet hamster.

can hamsters eat french fries

A Healthy Hamster’s Diet

Hamsters should eat a specific diet in addition to the vegetables cited above. The natural diet for a hamster does not include potatoes and certainly not processed food like French fries. It does include leafy plants that are small in size, seeds, grasses, and other things for which they can forage.

Interestingly, hamsters are omnivores who like to eat little bugs or insects, like crickets. Most people are not aware that hamsters can and want to eat bugs! Some hamster parents feed their hamsters mealworms and dried crickets, but that seems a little extreme when there are far more convenient and available foods. In pet stores, you can easily find high-quality hamster food.

What You Should Feed Your Hamster

In addition to the hamster food you get at a pet store, there are other things your pet needs every day.

  • You can give your hamster food from the list above, but again, remember to do this only every other day or so
  • Water is something your hamster absolutely must have every day to stay hydrated. You have to be sure to wash out the water bottle often.
  • It is best to add timothy hay, orchid hay or oat hay to your hamster’s diet. These hays have long fibers that are essential to help your hamster’s digestive system act correctly and in the best manner for your pet. The added value to these hays is that they make your hamster’s bedding extra nice.
  • Another nice thing to give your pet is some birdseed now and then. Hamsters really like to stash them in their checks and it provides something else on which to snack. A safe amount is about one teaspoon each week. However, if there is a lot of birdseed already in your hamster’s food you might not want to do that.

Do You Know?

Hamsters can eat a variety of foods, we have researched lots of them. Check out this One: Can Hamsters Eat Cilantro?

Potatoes (French Fries) and your Hamster- Can hamsters eat French Fries

We have established that your pet hamster should only get less than a quarter of a teaspoon of potato, cooked plain, with no additives, salt, spices, or fat every now and then. Let’s discuss why that is true. Hamsters will stash potato bits in their mouth, and that stash can do great damage to your ‘little hammy.’

Over time, if you continue to feed your hamster bits of potatoes, they might come down with diabetes or obesity, and this can cause death. Honestly, eating one or two French fries will not kill your pet, and you do not need to call the vet for an emergency visit, but bear in mind that you should not do it. Also bad for you hamsters are potato chips. Again, too much salt and fat and no nutritional value at all.

can hamsters eat french fries

One Special Warning

Any time you feed your hamster something new, you should spend some time watching to see how they react to it. Please be diligent and do some research before offering new foods to see if they are good or bad for your pet. This will save you a lot of worry and trouble. In fact, it is better to stick to what foods are correctly part of the pet’s diet.

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