Can Hamsters Eat Eggs?


Can hamsters eat eggs? Are you confused about sharing a hard-boiled egg with a hamster? Being pet owners, everyone wants to share healthy food with pet rodents. But offering food without proper research can prove extremely dangerous for the pet.

That’s why we have come up with a common question “can hamsters eat eggs?” Luckily, the answer is yes. Eggs are not only safe but impart many health benefits to your furballs. So, read on to learn more!


Are Eggs Safe for Hamsters?

An egg is an essential part of our breakfasts. It provides protein and many vital nutrients that help our bodies function well. But are they safe for hamsters too? Can hamsters eat eggs?

Can hamsters eat eggs? Hamsters can safely eat eggs. Hard-boiled, soft-boiled, and scrambled eggs all are okay for your pets’ health as they are a rich source of protein. Also, ensure you don’t feed them raw eggs as they cause health issues.

Moreover, you can feed hamsters chicken and quail eggs. Small amounts of duck eggs are also a healthy option for hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Egg Shells?

Can hamsters eat eggs? Hamsters eating eggshells might sound strange to you, but it isn’t. To your surprise, hamsters can eat eggshells. Serve them properly ground powdered eggshells sprinkled on their foods. They are a rich source of calcium and keep bones and teeth healthy.

Most hamsters get all the required calcium from their diets. They don’t need extra calcium. First, take your pet to a vet for a proper checkup. If he suggests calcium supplements, you can go ahead with eggshells.

What Are The Benefits of Eggs?

Can hamsters eat eggshells? What nutrients will your pet get from eggs? Eggs are a part of a hamster’s balanced diet. You must feed the pet eggs twice or thrice a week. Let’s look at how it affects their health.

1.  A prime source of protein

Eggs undoubtedly contain many crucial nutrients, protein being of prime importance. Its breakdown product is a variety of amino acids. Hamsters do not produce all the amino acids they need for proper growth. The ones their bodies cannot produce come from their diets.

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2.  Rich source of vitamin A

Hamsters need vitamin A for vision. It also keeps their immune and reproductive system healthy. Vitamin A also keeps your hamsters’ organs healthy.

3.  Contains vitamin B complex

Hamsters need vitamin B complex to stay energetic. It boosts the formation of red blood cells and also enhances immunity. Moreover, the vitamin B complex also keeps the hamster’s skin and coat healthy.

4.  Eggs give iron

Iron is an essential mineral for hamsters. They need it for the formation of red blood cells.

What Makes Eggs a Risky Option for Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat eggs? Do they ill affect your little rodent’s health? Well! An adequately cooked egg does not contain anything toxic to hamsters. But it can prove unhealthy when fed in excessive amounts or raw. So, let’s look at the risky side of eggs.

1.  Fats

Eggs are high in fats. When your hamster over-consumes eggs, it becomes obese. An obese hamster is more prone to heart problems.

2.  Raw egg

Raw egg is risky to feed hamsters as it contains harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli. They make your furry companion sick. Besides, raw egg whites also have an enzyme called avidin. It prevents the absorption of biotin in the hamster’s body. Hence, it causes biotin deficiency.

3.  Nutritional imbalances

An egg does not contain all the nutrients hamsters need for proper growth and development. Sticking to only eggs causes nutritional imbalances in the pets. So give your pets eggs as a treat alongside their specific food.

How Many Eggs Can Hamsters Eat?

Can hamsters eat eggs? Eggs are safe for hamsters. It does not mean that you keep feeding them daily to your pet. Let’s look at the safe amount and frequency of egg intake for hamsters.

  • If you have a Syrian or Roborovski hamster, give it half or a quarter of a chicken egg 2-3 times a week.
  • For a Dwarf hamster, a quarter of the egg once a week is safe enough.
  • If you are feeding quail eggs to your pet, give 1-2 eggs to Syrian and Roborovski hamsters weekly.
  • Whereas, for Dwarf hamsters single egg a week is enough. 

However, duck eggs are pretty big. They have more fats and calories. Therefore, feed only smaller amounts of duck eggs to the pet.


The Bottom Line – Can hamsters eat eggs?

Can hamsters eat eggs? The answer is yes. Hamsters can eat eggs safely. They contain immense amounts of nutrients for hamsters.

Still, feed them only a moderate amount of cooked egg. Overfeeding a cooked or feeding raw egg to your pet can wreak havoc on its health.

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