Can Hamsters Eat Cheez-Its?


Can hamsters eat cheez-its? Hamsters are crazy eaters. They munch on everything that comes their way. Be it biscuit crumbs accidentally spilled on the floor or insects creeping into your lawns. Your hamster will eat them all. So, can hamsters eat Cheez-Its?

We know that you love Cheez-Its. While you are crunching them, your hamster may demand some. Unfortunately, Cheez-Its are not safe for hamsters. Don’t feed them these tasty snacks. Keep reading to learn more about Cheez-It and hamsters.


What Is Cheez-It?

You might have heard of Cheez-It from many people. Has it ever made you think about what it is? If you still don’t know, let’s tell you!

Cheez-It is a popular brand of cheese crackers. Like all crackers, the prime ingredient of Cheeze-It is wheat flour. The taste has made the brand earn respect among the customers.

They were first introduced in 1921 and are now manufactured by Kellogg Company. It offers a great variety of flavors to buyers. Another plus point to endorse the brand. Right? But can hamsters enjoy a tasty snack? Let’s figure it out!

Can Hamsters Eat Cheez-Its Safely?

Can hamsters eat cheez-its? Cheez-It has different flavors like Cheez-It hot and spicy, Cheez-It cheese pizza, Cheez-It pepper jack, and many others. Some of the flavors contain extra cheese, while others have spices of different kinds.

One thing that is common in all flavors is sodium. Although the amount may vary, it is a must part of all Cheez-It crackers.

Hamsters, however, are delicate omnivores. Their internal organs don’t support highly cheesy or spicy food. Not even in small amounts.

So, as aforementioned, hamsters can’t eat Cheez-Its. If you still feed your pet with the snack, be ready for the consequences.

What Ingredients Make Them Unhealthy for Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat Cheez-Its? Kids love Cheez-Its. There are hundreds of positive reviews on the brand’s website. But let’s look at what harmful ingredients it has for hamsters.

Do You Know?

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1.  Salt

The amount of salt in a single Cheez-It cracker is acceptable for humans. It does not cause any harm to them. But for hamsters, it’s way too much.

If you feed such salty food to your pets, their blood pressure rises. Moreover, excessive salt intake also causes dehydration.

2.  Spices

Spices are a big no to hamsters, and many flavors of Cheez-It crackers contain high amounts of spices. When fed to pets, such foods wreak havoc on their intestines. They cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, and other gastrointestinal problems in hamsters.

3.  Flavoring agents

Cheez-Its also contain artificial flavoring agents. Hamsters’ digestive systems can’t process them. Hence causes upset stomach and several other health issues.

4.  Fats

Apart from cheese, Cheez-Its contain vegetable oils and fats. Such a high level of fatty food causes obesity, heart problems, and several other ill effects on hamsters’ health.

Besides, Cheez-It crackers do not contain many nutrients that hamsters need. They have more harm than benefits. So, avoiding such snacks for hamsters is much better than having sick hamsters.

What Happens If Your Hamster Eats a Single Cheez-It Cracker?

Can hamsters eat Cheez-Its? Is even a single cracker harmful too? These are crucial questions and need immediate answers. So here are the answers for you!

If your hamster finds a leftover cracker in the kitchen and crunches it down the throat, don’t worry. It will cause a minor stomach upset.

But if fed frequently or in large amounts, Cheez-Its will cause serious health problems in your furry gnawers. So, you must be very careful while snacking Cheez-Its.


What Are the Alternatives of Cheez-Its for Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat cheez-its? Being a hamster owner, it is your responsibility to look after your pet’s health. It greatly depends on what food your pet is consuming. So a healthier diet means healthier hamsters.

That’s why we have brought some delicious and highly nutritious alternatives to Cheez-Its for you.

1.  Cucumber

Cucumber is an amazing addition to your pet’s diet. It keeps your little furry companion hydrated, and the antioxidants save your hammy from oxidative stress. Apart from that, it also regulates your hammy’s blood pressure. Still, it has a lot more to

2.  Carrot

Carrot is a rich source of vitamin A. It keeps your hamster’s eyes healthy. Moreover, it also contains fiber, vitamin K, antioxidants, and several other vitamins and minerals.

3.  Berries (cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc.)

Berries are sweet, and hamsters love nibbling them. They are full of antioxidants. Moreover, they contain many essential vitamins and minerals that improve your pet’s overall health.

The Bottom Line – Can hamsters eat cheez-its?

Can hamsters eat Cheez-Its? The answer is no. The crackers contain a lot of spices and salt. Moreover, the use of artificial flavors is another reason that makes them a bad choice for hamsters.

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