Can Hamsters Eat Cardboard?


Can hamsters eat cardboard? You have just received a parcel wrapped beautifully in cardboard. Inside is a maxi you ordered last week from an online store. Now, should you throw the cardboard away? You also have a pet hamster who enjoys chewing anything that comes it’s way, so does saving the cardboard for the pet makes any sense?

Simply put, can hamsters eat cardboard? Well! Hamsters do eat the cardboard but not too often. They enjoy chewing it and then saving it for bedding. Keep reading to know some interesting facts about hamsters eating cardboard.


Is Cardboard Safe for Your Little Furry Gnawer?

Can hamsters eat cardboard? Is it safe for them? Well! Cardboard does not smell like food to hamsters, so they are rarely seen ingesting it. Moreover, it does not have any nutritional value.

Still, it is a perfect chewing material for hamsters. However, not all cardboards are safe. But if your hamsters are munching on plain cardboard, there is no need to worry. It is completely safe for them.

We also have a surprise for you. Chewing cardboard is your furry companions’ hobby and imparts several benefits to your furry rodents. In short, if you have plain cardboard at home, you can save it for your furry companions. There is nothing harmful to rodents in the cardboard.

What Are the Benefits of Cardboard to Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat cardboard? How does it benefit your pet? Exploring it would be great fun. So, let’s dive in.

1.    Cardboard keeps your hamsters’ teeth healthy

Hamsters are natural chewers. They keep on chewing different things to keep their continuously growing teeth filed. Cardboard is an excellent aid for your hamsters in keeping the teeth’ length normal. Also, it will keep your furniture, curtains, and other important things safe.

2.     It prevents your pet from getting bored

Hamsters are highly active little creatures that keep running in the cage even at night. Cardboard is an excellent option to keep them busy.

Before going to bed, put some pieces of cardboard in your furries’ cage. They will spend their night tearing it with their teeth and little paws. It is good for their teeth and keeps their nails filed.

3.     Cardboard also serves as a nesting material

Can hamsters eat cardboard? Hamsters do not eat cardboard; rather, they shed the chewed pieces in their cages and use them as bedding or nesting material. Do you know it also proves something? Hamsters are quite creative creatures.

What Makes Cardboard Bad for Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat cardboard? As already mentioned, not all cardboards are safe for hamsters. You might be curious to know what’s so toxic in such cardboard. Come on! Let’s explore.

Do You Know?

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1.     Dyed cardboard

Some cardboards are dyed. Chewing them is hazardous for your little furry friend as they contain chemicals.

2.     Waxy cardboard

Waxy cardboards are also bad for hamsters as they are composed of polyethylene plastics. And eating plastic disturbs the metabolism of the pet.

3.     Rotten food

Cardboards used for packing food may contain traces of food. If kept for longer, the food rotates; if your gnawer eats it, it can get sick.

4.     Bugs or chemical pesticides

Cardboards having traces of food may also contain bugs or chemical pesticides that make them unsafe.

Are Toilet Roll Tubes Safe for Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat cardboard? What about toilet roll tubes? Let’s find out if they are safe or not. Well! Toilet roll tubes are also plain and are safe for your hammies.

 Your hamsters enjoy hiding in the tubes and grinding them under their teeth. So, if you have empty toilet roll tubes, don’t throw them away. They are a good solution to your hamsters’ boredom.

Are White Cardboards Safe for Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat cardboard? Sadly, the answer is no. White cardboards are bleached, and several chemicals are added to aid the process. The bleach and chemicals are potential toxins for these tiny creatures.

Upon chewing, the chemicals enter the hamsters’ bodies and cause damage to internal organs. Hence, it can even be fatal. So, keep them away from your hammies’ reach.


Can Cardboards Harm Hamsters?

Plain cardboard, if ingested in small amounts, cannot cause any harm to your hammies. But if they eat dyed or glued cardboard, it causes disturbances in the pets’ bodies.

For instance, if your hamster eats dyed cardboard, it can get an upset stomach and organ dysfunction. On the other hand, glued cardboard causes constipation. In both cases, you must take your hamster immediately to a vet.

The Final Verdict – Can hamsters eat cardboard?

Can hamsters eat cardboard? Hamsters can ingest small amounts of cardboard, but they chew it to file their teeth. And are not interested in eating it. Rather they save the chewed cardboard as nesting material.

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