Can Hamsters Eat Boiled Eggs?


We love eating eggs for breakfast; they are also a good source of protein for humans. But what about our hamsters? Can hamsters eat boiled eggs?

Yes, hamsters can eat boiled eggs which is one safe way to feed them. Eggs won’t harm your pet in the right amounts if they are adequately cooked.

Being omnivores, hamsters need protein-rich food and meat in their diet. Therefore, eggs are a good choice for them.

Are you interested in knowing more about can boiled eggs harm your furry friend? Why are they beneficial for hamsters? Let’s find out more regarding “can hamsters eat boiled eggs?”


Can Hamsters Eat Eggs?

Can hamsters eat boiled eggs? Yes, and here’s something more that you need to know in this regard.

Eggs are a good treat for your furry friend as they contain plenty of nutrients. Besides, your pet loves them, and you can easily make them.

But make sure to give them cooked ones because uncooked eggs can hurt them. You can boil it in water and give it to your hamster. Soft and hard-boiled eggs both are safe for hamsters.

Avoid adding any salt or pepper while serving boiled eggs to hamsters. You might enjoy boiled eggs with salt and peppers, but these ingredients can cause serious health issues in your pet.

Moreover, avoid topping eggs with any cheese and feed them only egg whites if possible.

Why Should Hamsters Eat Eggs?

You might wonder, can hamsters eat boiled eggs? Why should they eat eggs?

Eggs are rich in proteins for humans and hamsters. They keep your pet active by boosting their energy. Proteins are also crucial for hamsters’ fur, skin, and toes. Therefore, protein deficiency causes various problems in them.

For instance, their fur no longer remains soft, and they also get bald patches. Wound healing also becomes difficult because of protein deficiency. Hamsters will also feel tired because of low energy levels.

Vitamins like vitamins A and D in eggs are suitable for your pet’s vision, bones, and teeth. Vitamin B keeps your hamster strong and is essential for his overall health. Eggs also contain antioxidants that aid hamsters with the side effects of aging, like cancer.

What Are the Risks of Feeding Eggs To Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat boiled eggs? Are there any risks associated with feeding eggs to them? Yes, there are, as hamsters are sensitive animals, and overconsumption of anything can badly affect them. So, let’s have a look at these risks.


Fats are rich in fats, so consuming too much fat can make your hamster obese. Thus, avoid feeding your pet too many eggs.

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Eating big slices of boiled eggs can obstruct a hamster’s throat. That’s why give them small pieces and keep an eye on them while eating.

Heart Problems

The high amount of fat in eggs is unsuitable for your hamster’s health and can lead to numerous cardiovascular problems.

Nutritional Issues

Hamsters lack interest in their food if they consume too many eggs. Consequently, this leads to various issues as they are not getting enough nutrients.

How Much Egg Can I Feed My Hamster?

As you know, overconsumption of anything results in adverse consequences. Therefore, when feeding hamsters eggs, always serve them in safe quantities.

Usually, for adult hamsters like Robo and Syrians, one teaspoon of egg white is enough per week. However, in the case of dwarf hamsters, give them only one-fourth teaspoon of egg white per week.

How to Feed Your Hamster Eggs?

When adding eggs first time to your hamster’s diet, start with a small amount. Avoid feeding hamsters raw eggs as they contain bacteria, and feed them cooked, boiled, or scrambled eggs. Among all these options, boiled eggs are safer for hamsters.

Feed your hamsters eggs moderately and as an occasional treat, like cabbage, carrots, and pumpkin seeds. The recommended amount of these food items are excellent for your pet.


Can Hamsters Eat Eggshells?

Eggshells contain calcium and are a good substitute for calcium supplements. But make sure to ask your vet before giving them to your hamsters.

Eggshells have low calories and high protein. So, wash them properly and give them to your hamster in powder form.

Wrap It Up

Can hamsters eat boiled eggs? Yes, boiled eggs are safe for hamsters and won’t cause any harm if given in proper amounts. Eggs provide numerous benefits to your pet.

However, there are also some risks, like choking and obesity, associated with eating eggs in hamsters. Discuss this with your vet before making any new addition to your pet’s diet.

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