Can Hamsters Eat Applesauce?


Can hamsters eat applesauce? Keeping a hamster in the house is not a piece of cake. You need to be careful of what to feed him and what not. But have you ever thought, can hamsters eat applesauce?

No, applesauce is not a good choice for your hammy; he shouldn’t eat it. Applesauce is made of apples, added sugar, and spices to enhance the taste. Processed sugar in applesauce can result in problems like diabetes, behavior change, and obesity.

Can hamsters eat applesauce? If not, let’s look at how this applesauce is unhealthy for your hamster.


What Is Applesauce?

Can hamsters eat applesauce? Let’s know about it a little deeper.

Applesauce is a delicious sauce formed from apples. It is mainly made and consumed in Europe and America. Cooking the apple with juice or water results in making apple puree. Applesauce is usually enjoyed along with meats like goose and pork.

People in Germany also eat applesauce along with pancakes. It can be eaten as a dessert, main dish, or starter. It is high in sugar; therefore, it’s not a good option for your furry friend.

Can Hamsters Eat Applesauce?

Unfortunately, hamsters cannot eat applesauce in any form. That’s because of the inherent properties that make this applesauce unsuitable for your hamster.

Luckily, there are some alternatives that you give to your pet. Read on to learn more about some other options.

How Is Applesauce Unhealthy for Hamsters?

Can hamsters eat applesauce? It is recommended not to give this applesauce to your hammy. That’s because of the following reasons:

Sticky Nature

You shouldn’t give food to your hammy that is sticky. Sticky foods result in severe problems in your hammy. Therefore, keep such foods as applesauce out of your hammy’s reach.

Loaded with Sugar

Unfortunately, applesauce is high in sugar and sweeter than apples. Unlike humans, applesauce is unsuitable for your hammy and can cause diabetes and obesity in them.

Lack of Nutrients

Nutrients are essential for your hammy, and their deficiency can make him ill. Unlike apples, applesauce doesn’t contain essential nutrients and won’t benefit your hammy.

Feed Your Hamster Solid Foods

Solid foods are a good choice for hamsters as they help them to erode their teeth. Hamsters constantly need to wear down their teeth, and solid foods are a perfect choice. That’s why liquid or sticky foods are not suitable for your hammy.

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Do Hamsters Like Applesauce?

Most hamsters don’t like applesauce because of its watery appearance. However, the choice may vary as some of them like it.

Hamsters like to have solid food compared to sticky foods. A well-balanced hamster’s diet should consist of the following:

  • Commercial hamster pallets
  • Tiny amounts of some fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs
  • Occasional treats like healthy nuts, sweet potatoes, boiled eggs, berries, and mealworms

Things to Do If Your Hamster Eats Applesauce

Hamsters have a sensitive digestive system. However, eating a small amount of applesauce, even a teaspoon, won’t cause serious problems. But if your furry friend has consumed a large amount, take him to the vet immediately.

Inform your vet if your pet shows any of these symptoms:

  • Lethargy (Your pet seems weak and unable to move)
  • Breathing Issues
  • Diarrhea

In case of any of these symptoms, a vet visit is an important thing.

Can Baby Hamsters Eat Applesauce?

Don’t feed your baby hamster applesauce, as they have an undeveloped digestive system. Alongside, applesauce is high in sugar which is quite harmful to your pet.

How Often Can I Give Homemade Apple Sauce to My Hamster?

Homemade applesauce is safe for hamsters as it doesn’t contain salt, preservatives, and sugar. That’s why you can give this type of treat to your hammy once a month.


Alternatives to Applesauce

There are numerous alternatives that you can give to your hammy. Usually, a balanced seed diet containing seeds and vegetables is preferable for hamsters. Consider these alternatives for your hammy instead of applesauce:

  • Sesame seeds
  • Monkey nuts
  • Carrots
  • Lettuce

Make sure your hamster’s primary diet should be a hamster food mix of some form. That’s because it contains all the daily nutrients essential for your hammy’s healthy life.

Usually, Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Harry Hamster Mix is recommended for hamsters as it provides a nutritional balance to your hammy.

Final Thoughts – Can hamsters eat applesauce?

In the end, can hamsters eat applesauce? No, applesauce is not a safe option for your hamster. Consuming too much sugar in applesauce can make your hammy obese and diabetic.

Besides, your pet won’t like eating sticky food like applesauce. Some other alternatives are available that you can try for your hammy.

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