Can Guinea Pigs Eat Thyme? What you need to know!

can guinea pigs eat thyme

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Thyme? Thyme herbs contain different vitamins and other nutrients good for guinea pig health. One of the frequently asked questions by those who intend to have guinea pigs is “can guinea pigs eat thyme?” The answer to this question is “Yes,” guinea pigs can eat thyme a couple of times a week and not more than that.

Thyme contains a lot of calcium and can be harmful to guinea pig health if excessively fed. Thyme is a type of herb that belongs to the mint family and has the following nutritional value (vitamin C: 160.1 mg, calcium: 405 mg, phosphorous: 106 mg, Fiber: 14g, and sugar: 0g).

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Thyme

People rearing guinea pigs can plant thyme or buy it in the market when they want to feed them. Planting thyme is better since it’s cheaper, and guinea pigs can eat them when fresh. Guinea pig loves the specific smell and the organic taste of thyme. The following benefits explain the answers to the question “can guinea pigs eat thyme?”

Benefits of Thyme to Guinea Pig

Thyme ensures guinea pigs are healthy and have gained proper weight. Feeding your guinea pig with thyme will leave you less worried about health issues. Thyme contains carbohydrates, calories, and proteins, which will lead the guinea pig to gain weight.

Carbohydrates in thyme fuel muscle development and vital energy to guinea pigs. Calories help the guinea pigs in proper movement and growth. The protein contained in thyme also helps guinea pigs have a functional immune system and energy production.

Guinea pigs can be fed thyme for proper digestion and antioxidants. Thyme contains fiber which works well for guinea pigs intestines and stomach. This will ensure that the bowel movement works well for the guinea pigs with no indigestion.

Thyme is an antioxidant to guinea pigs because it contains vitamin A and manganese. Vitamin A and manganese contain nutrients that protect guinea pigs’ immunity and overall health. Thyme contains high fiber essential for a healthy digestive system and is a vital part of the guinea pig diet.

Guinea pigs are prone to diseases such as scurvy which is dangerous. Feeding thyme to guinea pigs prevents scurvy disease as it contains vitamins C, which act as a shield. Thyme has copper and iron that promotes healthy blood in the guinea pig.

These nutrients will make guinea pig blood stronger by improving the number of blood cells, preventing anemia. All herbs are low in sugar content, but thyme contains the lowest sugar content when fed to the guinea pig. Thyme having the lowest sugar content should be the first herb considered when feeding guinea pigs.

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Facts About Thyme To Guinea Pig

Thyme contains 75% of vitamin C, which is greatly needed for guinea pigs to stay healthy and survive. This vitamin will help guinea pigs fight fatal diseases such as scurvy. Thyme is low in fat, and the cardiovascular system of guinea pigs will be in good condition. Thyme has fiber content that prevents the constipation of guinea pigs.

Low calories in thyme prevent guinea pigs from becoming chubby and gaining excessive weight. Thyme contains 1% vitamin B1, improves the electrolyte of guinea pigs, and prevents stomach problems. Manganese in thyme boosts the immunity of guinea pigs, reduces inflammation, acts as antioxidants, and regulates blood sugar.

Thyme contains 8% copper, which works together with iron to ensure guinea pigs have adequate red blood cells production and makes blood healthier and more robust. Vitamin B6 in thyme ensures guinea pigs are less stressed, happier, and rested.

Vitamin B3 in thyme lowers cholesterol and prevents guinea pigs from having diabetic complications. Thyme contains 11% calcium, promoting strong bones in guinea pigs. Potassium in 5 % reduces urinary stones formation of guinea pigs and loss of muscle.

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Risk to Consider When Feeding Thyme to Guinea Pigs

Excessive consumption of thyme can cause guinea pig urinary infection. Excessive amounts of calcium present in thyme can lead to urinary infections and bladder stones, especially in older ages. Mainly guinea pig needs thyme when they are young because calcium will help develop bones.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Thyme?

Thyme can be fed to guinea pigs due to their many health benefits but moderately. Guinea pigs eat any food but are better when fed with thyme several days a week for proper growth and health. Because it’s crucial to give your guinea pigs a proper balance of vitamins and minerals; still even if thyme is abundant in vitamin C and fiber, we need to be cautious due to the calcium content.

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