Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches?


Can guinea pigs eat peaches? You love munching on snacks when watching Netlflix or scrolling Instagram. But guess what? Guinea pigs also love snacking on various treats, and most of them are in your fridge right now. One of such treats is peaches.

But can guinea pigs eat peaches? Well, Yes! Guinea pigs can eat peaches. Peaches are healthy or cavies as they are rich in healthy nutrients and antioxidants.

Guinea pigs make lovely pets belonging to the family of cavies. They are adorable little animals with a maximum height of 10 to 11 inches and a maximum weight of 2.5 pounds.

A healthy diet for guinea pigs should contain Timothy’s hay as the main part. Vegetables and fruits should also be fed to cavies to fulfill the requirements of nutrients.

One such fruit is peach which is healthy for guinea pigs. Want to find out more about the benefits of peaches? Then keep on reading.


What are the health benefits of peaches?

Can guinea pigs eat peaches? What are the benefits? Peach is a seasonal fruit that grows on a perennial flowering tree. This fruit has beautiful orange, yellow, white, gold, or red shades.

Peaches become more colorful as they are ripe. They have juicy flesh housing a pit that has large inside it. Peaches have several health benefits as well.

Source of vitamin C

Guinea pigs, like humans, can’t make vitamin C naturally in their bodies. This nutrient is crucial for the healthy development of the body, skin, cartilage, fur, and cells.

Moreover, the lower level of vitamin c causes a disease called scurvy. Thus feeding peaches can help guinea pigs get the essential vitamin C.

It is important to know that you shouldn’t make peaches a staple diet. On average, cavies require 20-25 mg of vitamin C each day. At the same time, 100 g of fresh peaches give about 6.6 mg of vitamin C.

Source of other vitamins and minerals

Peaches are not only rich in vitamin C, but they also contain a good amount of other vitamins such as vitamin E, A, C, and K. Besides this, peaches are also a good source of copper, potassium, niacin, and manganese.

Potassium is an important mineral keeping the electrolyte balance of the body. Besides, potassium is also important as it alleviates the risk of kidney stones, high BP, and strokes.

Source of antioxidants

Peaches are a great source of antioxidants. Guinea pigs need antioxidants so they can be prevented from several diseases.

Antioxidants are also known for reducing internal inflammation, preventing cancer, and slowing down the aging process.

Low in fat, calcium, and phosphorous

Diet with high-fat content can make domestic cavies prone to obesity and heart diseases. Similarly. High levels of calcium and phosphorous cause kidney stones.

But don’t worry because peaches are free of saturated fats and calcium, while phosphorous is present in quite a low amount.

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What are the risks of peaches for guinea pigs?

Peaches are generally safe for guinea pigs, but here are some risks that you should not ignore.

Risks of diabetes

Peaches are quite sweet and hence have high sugar content. Sugar in excessive amounts can increase the risk of diabetes in little piggies.

Digestive issues

The sugar content of peaches also causes stomach disruption because cavies are not good at digesting sugar molecules.

Gut flora imbalance

Sugar content disrupts the healthy balance of gut bacteria, thus causing diarrhea. Besides, pesticides on the fruit can also cause harm to your pet.

What is the ideal serving size for guinea pigs?

As peaches contain high sugar content, you should not exceed the right amount. We recommend you feed only one or two teaspoons. You can feed peaches to guinea pigs two times a week, not more than that.

Can I feed peach skin and pit to guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs can eat peaches with the skin but feed them only when you have properly washed the fruit. Otherwise, it might have traces of pesticides on it.

However, you cannot feed peach pits to guinea pigs because their seeds are choking hazards for the little piggies. Besides, seeds also have a compound called amygdalin that converts into toxic hydrocyanic acid when eaten.


Conclusion – Can guinea pigs eat peaches?

Experts recommend adding fruits and vegetables to 20% of the guinea pig’s diet. If you are thinking about the question, can guinea pigs eat peaches? Then let us tell you peaches are safe for guinea pigs to eat.

Peaches are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. However, the high sugar content can be a little problematic. You can avoid risks by feeding peaches in a controlled amount.

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