Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mango?


Can guinea pigs eat mango? Various fruits can cause more harm than good to guinea pigs; that’s why you must ask can guinea pigs eat mangoes before giving them this fruit. Mango is the most delicious fruit with many vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants.

All of the elements in mango are necessary for humans and guinea pigs. But for your cavy, this food can be a problematic item if you feed them mango daily.

Read along to know how many mangoes you can offer to your guinea pig and what are the benefits of this most delicious fruit.


How Is Mango Good For Guinea Pigs?

Can guinea pigs eat mango? What’s good about it? Mango is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients; the following list will give you a realistic analysis of how it can be suitable for your guinea pig.

1.      Vitamin C Helps In Growth And Immunity

We don’t need to tell you that guinea pigs need vitamin C in their diet. This vitamin is necessary for the bones’ strength, growth, and safety from various diseases. Using vitamin C loaded fruit like mango will keep your guinea pig away from Scurvy.

This hazardous disease is common in guinea pigs that have Vitamin C deficiency. Rough coat, delayed healing, and teeth grinding are some symptoms. But if you do not feed this vitamin to your guinea pig, this disease can claim the life of your beloved friend.

2.      Vitamin A Wards Off Xerophthalmia

Mango is loaded with vitamin A and giving it to your guinea pig will provide them with the necessary amount of this vitamin. The dryness of the cornea can make the guinea pig blind, and this disease is called Xerophthalmia.

The cavy with vitamin A deficiency will fall prey to this blinding disease. This hazardous disease can also claim the life of your pet. The symptoms of this disease are sudden weight loss and noise intolerance.

3.      Vitamin B6 Boosts Growth

Guinea pigs need vitamin B6 for muscle growth as well. Mangos are rich in vitamin B6, and they provide an ample amount of nutrients to gain muscle weight. If your guinea pig is curvy and cute, avoid giving this fruit to the cavy.

4.      Antioxidants Fight Free Radicals And Infections

Your guinea pigs are more prone to skin infections that can claim the life of your pet if not healed properly. Mango is the perfect treat loaded with antioxidants to keep your pet happy and healthy.

This fruit will keep inflammation and infections at bay from a beloved pet. The substantial amount of antioxidants will provide an excellent boost to keep free radicals away.

It will help enhance immunity, and your pet will enjoy a happy time with extended life expectancy.

Do You Know About Kale?

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Can You Give Mango Skin to Guinea Pigs?

Can guinea pigs eat mango? What about the skin? In the case of mango skin, guinea pigs are just like you. They do not enjoy the skin, and you should also avoid feeding them.

The biggest risk with this skin is the choking hazard. The hard texture of the peel makes it impossible for the guinea pig to grind it into small pieces.

The skin is also loaded with pesticides and other materials. Even if you wash it thoroughly still, there are no nutrients in it. Mango skin is a no-no for your guinea pig if you want them to stay healthy and fit.

How many mangoes Can A Guinea Pig Eat?

You should not feed more than two mango cubes to your guinea pig every day. This food is not a daily item of their diet.

The best way is to offer two cubes after three to four days; this small amount is enough to provide all the needs to fulfill the vitamin requirement of mango.

What Are The Risks Of Feeding Mango To Your Guinea Pig?

A couple of cubes occasionally are not a problem for your guinea pigs. But when you don’t follow the moderation formula, your pet can have fowling problems and issues.

  • High blood sugar constantly in the bloodstream can lead to vital organ damage.
  • Overfeeding mango can make your guinea pig obsess.
  • They also suffer from kidney, liver, and heart issues with mango overfeeding.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mango?

Your guinea pig is a sensitive being with a sensitive digestive system. You need to do proper research before giving any fruit to your best buddy.

The information mentioned above and various articles on this site will help you understand what food is safe for your beloved pet and how much you should give it for their health.

Can guinea pigs eat mango? It has a yes in the answer, but you must keep the amount not more than two cubes twice a week.

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