Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mandarins? All you should know!

can guinea pigs eat mandarins

Are Mandarins Good for Guinea Pigs? Yes, they are. They have plenty of minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to them. However, it is crucial to be cautious not to give them too much since it can lead to health hazards.

Mandarins are rich in vitamin C, which is crucial to guinea pigs’ health. However, they also contain many natural acids and sugar, which are not good. This article will discuss both benefits and risks of mandarin to guinea pigs to make it easier for you to do the right thing.

can guinea pigs eat mandarins

Mandarins Benefits to Guinea Pigs

Mandarins have several vitamins and minerals that are good for guinea pigs. They are as follows:

Vitamin C

There is 27mg of vitamin C in mandarins. Guinea pigs do not produce vitamin C on their own. So, when they feed on mandarins, they receive it, which helps in strengthening their immune system. They also help in the formation of collagen.

Collagen is responsible for fastening the healing of wounds, maintaining the integrity of blood vessels, and formation of bone. If they lack it, the blood vessels will become fragile, causing hemorrhage of tissues and gums in the mouth, internal organ services, and muscles.


Potassium plays a crucial role in developing a healthy guinea pig heart. It ensures that the water and salt in their bodies are balanced. It also helps protect against the growth of kidney stones and osteoporosis.


The protein in mandarins helps keep the guinea pigs strong, increases their metabolism speed, and reduces blood pressure.


It benefits the guinea pigs by keeping their bowel healthy. They cannot suffer from constipation or stomach upsets.

Vitamin A

The purpose of vitamin A is to keep the histology of tissues normal.

Do Guinea Pigs Love Mandarins?

They do. Mandarins are pretty tasty and, therefore, hard to resist. However, the taste varies from one guinea pig to another. It is prudent to test them and see whether they like it. Some also do not like it, and that’s still okay since there are many other fruit options.

Risks of Excess Mandarins to Guinea Pigs.

Bad Digestion

As early noted, mandarins are rich in sugar. When guinea pigs take too much of it, it can cause painful digestion and bowel problems such as loose stool. This can make your Guinea pig get sick and lose energy.

Urinary Complications

Mandarins also have high levels of calcium which can cause bladder and kidney stones. The stones can cause pain when they urinate. In severe cases, the urine can be bloody. Therefore, it is vital to moderate the amount of mandarins they eat.

How Many Mandarins are Safe for Guinea Pigs?

One or two slices are enough and should be given once a week. This way, the guinea pigs will benefit from their vitamins and minerals and avoid the risks simultaneously. Always ensure that they are yellow and fresh. Please do not feed them with rotten mandarins.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mandarins Peel?

Most guinea pigs do not like mandarin peel because of its taste. However, it’s safe for them since it has high levels of vitamin C. So if your guinea pig seems to resist the peels, know it is normal, and there is no cause for alarm.

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How Can You Prepare Mandarins for Your Guinea Pigs?

You follow a simple process to ensure that this is done correctly and effectively.

1. Select a Fresh mandarin

Ensure that the mandarin is not green. Green mandarins are rotten.

2. Wash it

Do this thoroughly to ensure that it is safe for their consumption.

3. Include or Remove the Peel

You have a choice between the two. However, there is a possibility of risks of pesticides if the peel is included. So, it is wise to exclude it and be assured of safety.

4. Remove the Seeds

Seeds can cause the guinea pigs to choke. So, be sure to remove them before they feed.

5. Slice into Smaller Pieces

Slicing ensures that they do not have any problem munching the mandarins. After eating, it is crucial to remove the leftovers because they can form a breeding ground for bacteria.

can guinea pigs eat mandarins

Is it safe for guinea pigs to eat mandarin?

The answer to this is yes. They have plenty of minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to them. However, it is crucial to be cautious not to give them too much since it can lead to health hazards.

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