Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grass?


Can guinea pigs eat grass? A healthy diet is very important for a disease-free body. This is not only true for humans but also for your guinea pigs. Being a pet owner, you have to supervise what your little piggy eats constantly.

This ensures that it does not end up eating something harmful, especially when guinea pigs are left unsupervised in the backyard.

If you feel worried about leaving your guinea pig out on the lawn, think often; Can guinea pigs eat grass? Then, in that case, you should relax a bit because guinea pigs can eat grass.

Guinea pigs are herbivores by nature, which means they essentially rely on plant matter for survival. Therefore it is perfectly fine for cavies to eat grass.


What are the benefits of grass for guinea pigs?

Can guinea pigs eat grass? What are the benefits? Since guinea pigs are often kept caged for their safety, it doesn’t seem fine to you when you leave them out for a while and they start munching on grass. But rest assured, the grass is beneficial for guinea pigs.

The grass is rich in vitamin C; hence quite beneficial for cavies. In addition to that, the grass is also a rich source of trace elements, protein, chlorophyll, and vitamin D. Grass also has sufficient fiber elements, thus aiding the digestion process and keeping the gut healthy.

Is fresh grass okay for guinea pigs?

Yes! Fresh grass is absolutely fine for guinea pigs. You can feed your piggy fresh grass without any worry as it is rich in healthy fibers. Cavies love all kinds of grasses, but we recommend avoiding feeding alfalfa or clover as they are rich in protein and calcium.

You should not feed any grass, vegetable, or fruit to guinea pigs rich in calcium or protein as it is harmful. Fresh grass also carries the risk of parasites and parasites eggs that can be problematic.

What kind of grass is harmful to guinea pigs?

You can feed fresh grass to your little piggy but keep in mind the following tips while harvesting fresh grass.

  • Do not harvest grass from areas recently sprayed with herbicides or pesticides because chemicals can be fatal for guinea pigs.
  • Cut the grass from the area away from the roadside to avoid fumes contamination.
  • Avid grass spoiled by animals and livestock. Prefer unspoiled grass.
  • Grass has to be healthy, lush green, and fresh. Avoid the ones with fungus spots or mildew.
  • Do not feed the grass cut by the lawn lower. The machine’s heat initiates a fermentation reaction in grass leaves, which can upset the stomach of cavies if consumed.

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What kind of hay is suitable for guinea pigs?

Hay is an important part of a healthy guinea pig diet. It is the cut and dried form of grass that has been prepared for animal feed.

Cavies must have good-quality hay available to them all the time. For younger guinea pigs, alfalfa hay is a suitable option as it is rich in calcium.

 With time, guinea pigs need to switch to hay lower in calcium content. This is because excessive calcium can cause bladder stones to build at an adult age. Thus adult guinea pigs should eat timothy hay which is fiber-rich but lower in calcium content.

Ensure your guinea pig has access to fresh grass and hay every day because it is necessary for teeth growth and body development. Without hay or grass in the diet, guinea pigs can develop digestive problems and dental issues.

Should I let my guinea pig eat grass outside?

You can let your guinea pig wander around in the backyard, but sometimes it becomes necessary to pay attention to them. This is because cavies can start munching on wet grass, which should be avoided.

Ensure to feed dry grass to cavies because wet grass can be moldy and detrimental to cavies’ health. Moreover, backyards have lots of weed growth which, if guinea pigs can end up eating, can cause lethal side effects.

Also, you need to keep away guinea pigs from grass that has been chemically treated.


Final thoughts – Can guinea pigs eat grass?

If you also worry about leaving your guinea pig in the backyard and want to know, Can guinea pigs eat grass? You don’t need to worry because guinea pigs can eat grass. It is essential for their normal growth, particularly at a young age.

For older guinea pigs, feed them hay with less calcium content to avoid health issues like kidney stones. Moreover, harvest the grass from the area away from the roadside and out of reach of livestock. The grass should be fresh, green, and unspoiled.

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