Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cherries?


Can guinea pigs eat cherries? Cherries are rich in vitamins and minerals, thus a healthy eating item for humans. Everyone loves to eat this delicious fruit. But being a guinea pig owner, if you have ever wondered, Can Guinea Pigs eat cherries? Then let us clear your confusion. Yes! Guinea pigs can eat cherries as they are healthy for them.

Cherries make the perfect summertime meal. If you often enjoy this delightful treat, you must be tempted to share a few with your furry friend. If you are going to do that, pause and listen!

This is because it is important to know that guinea pigs can eat cherries but in a limited amount. That is to say; guinea pigs can’t have cherries often.

If you want to know more about the benefits and risks of cherries, then keep on reading this blog post. We will tell you the nutritional profile, and the pros and cons cherries have.


What is the nutritional profile of cherries?

Cherries are delicious seasonal fruit rich in healthy nutrients and antioxidants. Here is the nutritional value contained in a one-cup serving of cherries along with pits.

  • 9-gram fiber
  • 87 calories
  • 0.3-grams fat
  • 1 gram carbs
  • 5-gram protein

Similarly, cherries are also brimming with multiple nutrients hence a complete healthy diet for you and cavies. The same one cup of cavies consists of;

  • O.1 gram of vitamin B6, manganese, copper
  • 306 mg potassium
  • 9 mg of vitamin K and calcium
  • 7 mg vitamin C
  • 2 mg magnesium
  • 4 mg choline
  • 29 mg phosphorous

What are the benefits of feeding cherries to guinea pigs?

Can guinea pigs eat cherries? What are the benefits? Cherries are a healthy food item for cavies. Here are some of the major advantages that guinea pigs can get from this delicious fruit.

Rich source of vitamin C

Guinea pigs are unable to synthesize vitamin C naturally in their bodies. However, this nutrient is vital for maintaining health and preventing diseases like scurvy. In scurvy, the fur of guinea pigs starts getting rough.

In extreme conditions, symptoms can go to extreme bleeding and discharge. Therefore feeding cherries provide the essential vitamin C, thus keeping this disease away.

Benefits to cardiac health

Cherries are also extremely helpful in regulating the cardiovascular system of guinea pigs. This delicious fruit helps to keep cholesterol and glucose levels in control. Thus feeding cherries to cavies elevates the risk of cardiac problems.

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Improved Digestion

You can keep the tiny winey digestive system of guinea pigs healthy and functional by feeding them cherries once in a while. Cherries are rich in fibers, thus keeping smooth by maintaining the bacterial flora in the gut.

Reduce the risk of obesity

If your piggy is gaining some extra pounds, give them cherries to stimulate their metabolic system. Munching on cherries will help to keep obesity away from your pet.

Reduce the risk of arthritis and cancer

Guinea pigs are less susceptible to diseases like cancer and arthritis by eating cherries. The fibers and nutrients in cherries help the guinea pig’s body grow normally. Fibers are also helpful in teeth growth.

What are the risks of feeding cherries to guinea pigs?

Cherries are thought beneficial for guinea pigs, but there are some health problems. The risk factors of feeding cherries include:

Mouth burning

Cherries have high acidic content. If you feed too many cherries, it will cause mouth burning sensation in guinea pigs. The solution is to feed cherries free of chemical pesticides and decrease the number of cherries.

Toxic effects of cyanide

The pits, stems, and leaves of cherries are rich in cyanide which is toxic for guinea pigs. Therefore separate these parts and feed only the flesh of cherries to cavies.


Cherries are rich in fibers. Giving the right amount can help with digestion, but an excessive amount can cause constipation. Therefore wash the cherries and remove seeds, stems, and leaves before feeding to cavies.

What is the ideal serving size of cherries?

You should not exceed the ideal serving size and frequency of feeding cherry to guinea pigs. Adult guinea pigs can eat one cherry a day, while baby guinea pigs can eat half cherry a day. Moreover, you should not feed cherry more than three times a week.


Conclusion – Can guinea pigs eat cherries?

Can guinea pigs eat cherries? Yes, they can! Guinea pigs love to eat cherries as they are delicious. As a guinea pig owner, you should not worry if your furry friend eats cherries.

Cherries are full of essential vitamins and healthy nutrients to keep your pet healthy. But sometimes, you have to be cautious when the serving size exceeds a certain amount because that can be problematic.

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