Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cardboard?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cardboard

A guinea pig’s teeth continue to develop throughout his life, and chewing is necessary to maintain them worn down and avoid dental disorders. Guinea pigs’ digestive processes enable them to safely chew wood and wood-derived materials such as paper and cardboard. Before placing cardboard in your cavy’s cage, ensure it will not constitute a health issue.

can guinea pigs eat cardboard

Sustain It

Can guinea pigs eat cardboard? Slit cardboard tubes along the center to prevent a curious guinea pig from being trapped. Fill tissue boxes or tubes with hay, parsley, or cilantro to create a fascinating presentation for your cavy’s greens.

It’s not uncommon for pet owners of all sorts to ask what their animals should eat. It is not an exception for guinea pigs! Several foods are safe for children to consume and others that are not. You may be curious about cardboard! Is it harmful to guinea pigs to consume cardboard?

Cardboardgenerally considered safe for guinea pigs. However, consuming vast quantities of it and swallowing them may be dangerous. Gnawing on excessive cardboard may result in intestinal obstructions in guinea pigs over time.

With cardboard and paper skins for guinea pigs available in shops, pet owners sometimes inquire if guinea pigs can eat cardboard.

Yes and no. While certain types of paper and cardboard are okay for your guinea pigs to chew on, significant quantities should never be consumed. Continue reading to understand which sorts of cardboard and paper materials should never be fed to guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are excellent pets for anybody who likes little animals. They are inexpensive, have a simple diet, need little supervision, and do not get ill often. Although they make excellent pets in general, guinea pigs tend that many find disturbing: they love to gnaw on things.

However, chewing is a feature shared by all rodents. Thus, if you dislike the concept of your pet being able to nibble through everything in its cage, you should avoid getting a mouse as a pet in the first place.

Do You Know?

Guinea Pigs can eat a variety of foods, we have researched lots of them. Check out this One: Can Guinea Pigs Eat Snap Peas?

Guinea Pigs Chew Paper Products for No Reason

While timothy hay is terrific for wearing down your piggies’ teeth, hay alone is not sufficient to keep certain piggies’ teeth short.

If guinea pig teeth get too long, your pets may have difficulty eating comfortably. Even if their feeding process is delayed by a fraction of a second, catastrophic consequences may occur. If there is competition from other piggies, your guinea pig may feel under pressure to consume enough food before it vanishes.

While it is risky that your guinea pig may be battling to eat quickly enough before the food runs out, stress may lead a guinea pig to get unwell.

Consuming cardboard is detrimental to a guinea pig’s digestive tract since it might be overly abrasive and difficult to digest.

Even though your piggie can eat cardboard, there are many more nutritional foods that your furry friends should consume — foods high in minerals and vitamins that promote excellent health. Guinea pigs have an insatiable need to chew, so provide them with lots of chewable things such as hay and complicated vitamin C pellets.

Your guinea pig’s digestive tract is a bit peculiar, so be sure it isn’t consuming anything it shouldn’t, such as cardboard. Provide additional chewable materials and toys, such as twigs and wooden blocks that are safe for your pet. Guinea pigs must chew on objects to consume them, which is beneficial to the animal’s health.

can guinea pigs eat cardboard

Types of Cardboard to Avoid

Making cardboard chews and hides requires knowing what cardboard to avoid.
No cardboard for pets if any of the following:

Ink & dye

Product images are standard on today’s cardboard boxes. Some inks and colors are toxic to guinea pigs.

Glues and PVC

Boxes are commonly held together with plastic coverings or adhesive. Guinea pigs must not eat glue or plastic on cardboard.

Is Cardboard Safe For Guinea Pigs?

Can guinea pigs eat cardboard? The guinea pigs hate them for many reasons. Whether the liquid touches the cardboard, it’s impossible to determine if it’s hazardous or contains bacteria that might damage guinea pigs. Damp or unclean cardboard may have mold growth.

Mold and mildew should be handled with care. Mold and mildew may cause deadly upper respiratory infections in guinea pigs. Check the cardboard for dangerous elements before giving it to your guinea pigs, or you may keep them busy and satisfy their cardboard-eating craving by giving them other but more healthy things to gnaw.

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