Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage Leaves?

can guinea pigs eat cabbage leaves

If you have been wondering if guinea pigs can eat cabbage leaves, then the answer is yes. Cabbage leaves are very nutritious as they contain vitamins, minerals, and roughage which helps with digestion.

As the owner, always ensure that the foods fed to the guinea are clean and safe. And yes, guinea pigs love cabbage leaves; therefore, moderation is needed to avoid overfeeding them. Exactly how a balanced diet is vital to humans, same applies to the guinea. Always ensure you feed it vegetables and fruits which contain nutrition values to its body.

can guinea pigs eat cabbage leaves

Cabbages varieties for guinea pigs

Cabbages contain different varieties that are all nutritious and safe for the guinea pig. As the owner, you can choose to buy the readily available one in the market. Below are different varieties and their benefits.

Red cabbage

This is a commonly known cabbage due to its attractive color. However, it is very nutritious and contains vitamin c, which guinea pigs don’t produce naturally; therefore, it is essential to their bodies.

Green cabbage

This is a famous cabbage that is accompanied by different dishes. It is commonly available in the market, making it the best choice for the guinea pig.

White cabbage

This variety is known for its peppery flavor. Owners are advised to feed it to the guinea accompanied by other vegetables or slightly cooked.

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Cabbage benefits to guinea pigs

Cabbage is a commonly known vegetable that guinea pigs enjoy. It also contains excellent benefits to its body; therefore, it’s essential to include it as part of its diet. Some of the health benefits include.

Vitamin c

Since guinea pigs do not produce vitamin c naturally, they are likely prone to diseases like scurvy. To keep the pig healthy, feeding cabbage is essential to improve its immune system.

Low calories

Just like human beings gain weight from eating high-calorie foods, so do guinea pigs. Therefore, feeding cabbages more often is crucial since they contain low calories to prevent overweight.

Prevention of heart disease

You might wonder if guinea pigs eat cabbage leaves and also suffer heart diseases; the answer is yes. By adding red cabbage to its diet, the likelihood of contracting such conditions is minimal. This is because red cabbages produce anthocyanins compounds that prevent heart disease.

Vitamin K and calcium

These nutrients are vital in the body of a guinea. Calcium found in cabbage contains elements that strengthen the bones and teeth; therefore, it is crucial for the guinea.

Does cabbage have health concerns?

Cabbage is safe when fed to the guinea pig in moderation. However, there are risks that come with overfeeding; therefore, owners should be aware. Below are some of the risks.


When too much cabbage is fed to the guinea pig, it can result in constipation and diarrhea. This can be uncomfortable to the guinea; therefore, owners should consider the need for moderation.

Urinary infection

This results from calcium that is present in cabbage. Guineas body only needs a small amount of it; therefore, when fed too much cabbage, it increases the calcium level that can lead to kidney issues.


Cabbage contains fiber that helps with digestion. However, too much of it can cause digestion issues to the guinea.

can guinea pigs eat cabbage leaves

How much cabbage should you feed your guinea?

As the guinea owner, you should practice moderation of foods, including cabbage. You might also be wondering which is the correct portioning and how much is too much. Well, the best way to ensure you do not overfeed the guinea is by giving it one cap of cabbage leaves. You can do this every three times a week to avoid digestion issues.

Make sure to wash the leaves thoroughly as they might contain harmful germs and bacteria. Removal of the stem is also essential because guinea enjoy eating leaves. You can also chop the leaves or give them whole, depending on what it prefers.

For the safety of your guinea pig, always watch its diet with moderation feeding. If you want healthy guineas, it’s essential to add fruits and other vegetables to your meals. If you are still trying to understand if guinea pigs eat cabbage leaves, consider visiting a veterinarian who will guide you.

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