Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Apples?


Have you ever thought of sharing some apples with your pet while eating? Can dwarf hamsters eat apples?

The simple answer is yes; dwarf hamsters can eat apples. Compared to their Syrian cousins, dwarf hamsters are relatively smaller. However, they have a faster metabolism and the same nutritional requirements.

The major part of the hamster’s diet should contain commercial hamster food, including grains, seeds, and pellets. But a small amount of fresh fruit like apples is also suitable for them.

Are there any risks associated with feeding apples to dwarf hamsters? How many apples are enough for them? Let’s find out more about “can dwarf hamsters eat apples?”


Are Apples Okay for Dwarf Hamsters To Eat?

Can dwarf hamsters eat apples? Here is something more that you should know in this regard.

Apples are safe and healthy for your furry friend, who enjoys them too. They contain nutrients and vitamins and polish your pet’s teeth because of chewing.

But it’s essential to serve them in moderation. You can feed a small amount of apple pie to your dwarf hamster instead of giving him apples.

What Are the Health Benefits of Apples for Dwarf Hamsters?

Can dwarf hamsters eat apples? How are they beneficial to your pet?

Apples contain fibers and vitamin C that are good for hammies. On top of that, they have fewer calories and no cholesterol.

Vitamin C

Apples contain vitamin C, which boosts your hamster’s immunity and protects him from diseases. In addition, vitamin C is essential for forming cartilage, muscles, and blood vessels.

Instead of giving your hammy vitamin C supplements, please give him a well-balanced diet that will benefit him.


A diet high in fiber is essential for hammies. A good level of fiber is necessary to function the gastrointestinal system properly. Fibers promote healthy gut function and proper bacterial growth in the gut.


Apples also contain antioxidants that fight against free radicals in the hamster’s body. The high level of antioxidants also reduces humans’ risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Are There Any Risks of Apples for Hamsters?

Adding any new food to your hamster’s diet can upset his stomach resulting in diarrhea. Therefore, introduce your pet to the new food gradually for the first time. In case of any reaction, stop feeding him the food and give him his diet only.

Do You Know?

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Make sure to serve your hammy small pieces of apples. Also, remove any uneaten pieces from a hamster’s cage, as rotted fruit can make your pet sick.

Can Hamsters Eat Apple Seeds and Peel?

Apple peel is rich in nutrients as it contains vitamins and dietary fibers. It is also safe for your pet, so don’t remove it while feeding him apples. Also, wash the apples properly before serving to remove any pesticides.

On the other hand, apple seeds are harmful to dwarf hamsters as they contain cyanide toxins. Additionally, they also cause choking.

As dwarf hamsters are pretty sensitive, eating only one seed can cause their death. That’s why remove all the seeds before serving the fruit. Always choose organic apples to feed hamsters, as they are best.

How Many Apples Can Hamsters Eat?

Serving a few pieces of apples once or twice a week is enough for hamsters. Apples add variety to your pet’s diet and benefit your furry friend. But avoid giving too many apples to your hammy, as they can cause digestive issues.

How to Serve Apples to Hamsters?

You can cut apples into suitable chunks for hamsters. However, it’s not the only way to feed this amazing fruit to hammies. Here’s how.

Make a Shake

You can make a tasty shake for your hammy using an apple, banana, Greek yogurt, and oats. Give a small serving to the hamsters and place the rest in the fridge.


Prepare Truffles

Another way is to make truffles for hamsters by adding a half apple, a date, nuts, oats, and seeds in a blender. You can make small truffle balls of the mixture and freeze it for some time. Hamsters love to eat frozen truffles.

Shred It

You can also serve apples to your hamsters by shredding them and mixing them with their commercial food.

Final Words

To sum up, can dwarf hamsters eat apples? Yes, they can. Apples are loaded with fibers, antioxidants, and vitamin C and benefit your hamsters. However, their overconsumption can cause an upset stomach in them.

Ensure to wash apples thoroughly before serving and cut them into small chunks. You can give your pet a moderate amount of this healthy fruit once or twice a week. Ask your vet before adding any new item to your hamster’s diet.

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