Can Dogs Eat Yams?

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Yams are edible tubers belonging to the genus Dioscorea and are one of the various varieties of sweet potatoes. Can dogs eat yams? Well, yes, Dogs can eat yams. This vegetable is filled with nutritional value and is considered canine-friendly food.

Boil or cook yams before feeding them to dogs because cooking helps eliminate certain harmful compounds, such as tannins, that can be unhealthy for dogs. Raw yams are not suitable for canines, so prefer feeding cooked ones as they make whole superb food for dogs.

Let’s get into more details about yams and their health benefits for dogs.


Are Yams Also Called Sweet Potatoes?

Yams and Sweet potatoes are not the same, though many people use their names interchangeably. Yams are common in Africa, while sweet potatoes are in America.

Coming from different regions, both yams and sweet potatoes offer great health benefits for canines while having only minor differences.

What Is The Nutritional Benefits Of Yams?

Can dogs eat yams? Yes, dogs can. Yams and sweet potatoes offer various health benefits for canines. Following are the essential nutrients present in yams.

1.    Calcium and Potassium

Yams are rich in calcium and contribute to the dogs’ bones and muscle health. Yams also have a high amount of potassium that helps to improve dogs’ eye health and energy levels.

2.    Fibers

Yams have a high quantity of fibers; hence very helpful for regulating digestive functions. Feeding the right dose of yams can help treat constipation; in contrast, an excessive amount can cause loose stools.

3.    Vitamins

Yams contain a high amount of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, and strengthen the dog’s immune system. Similarly, this edible tuber is also rich in vitamin B6, which helps boost the energy level in dogs and improves cognitive functions.

4.    Magnesium and Manganese

Yams are rich in two essential minerals, magnesium and manganese. These two minerals help to elevate energy production in the canine’s body, thus improving the overall energy levels.

5.    Diosgenin

Yams contain a natural antioxidant compound called diosgenin. This compound has neuro-protective effects and thus improves brain functions in dogs. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it helps in reducing swelling and inflammation along with pain.

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6.    Beta-carotene

Yams have a high amount of vitamin A, also called beta carotene. Studies show that vitamin a helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in dogs.

Studies have also revealed that beta carotene is highly effective in reducing the spread of various cancers.

How To Feed Yams To Dogs?

Can dogs eat yams? Yes, dogs can eat yams, but only cooked ones. Raw yams are not suggested for dogs. You can feed either baked or boiled yams to dogs.

To boil yams:

  • Cut yams into small chunks and put them in water
  • Boil for 25 min on medium heat until soft

To bake yams:

  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  • Cut the yams and place them onto the baking sheet
  • Bake for 28 to 30 min until soft

If cooked or boiled yams are not completely tender, cut them into smaller pieces before serving them to dogs. Avoid feeding large chunks as they can get stuck in the dog’s food pipe and cause a choking hazard.

How To Add Yams To Dog’s Diet?

You want your pup to get yam benefits but don’t know how to introduce it to the dog’s diet. First, prepare boiled or baked yams and cut them into small pieces, small enough not to cause choking.

Next, serve the cut pieces or mash them and give them to dogs in small quantities. Since yams are rich in fibers, providing a high amount to dogs at once can upset the stomach. If dogs are okay with the quantity, slowly start increasing the amount.

Are Canned Yams Good For Dogs?

Can dogs eat yams? Are canned yams suitable for dogs? Though canned yams are not commonly available. If you get some canned yams, do not buy them for your dog.

As canned food contains high preservatives and sugar, both are unhealthy for dogs. And remember, do not feed your dog yams prepared with nutmeg.

This spice has toxic effects on dogs, so better prepare yams for dogs by simply boiling or baking without any additives.


What Happens If Dog Eats Raw Yams?

Raw yams contain harmful compounds like tannins. Cooking helps to get rid of such compounds.

But if your dog ate raw yam accidentally, look out for the unusual symptoms like; stomach ache, vomiting, and loose stool. If you spot any of these symptoms, call your vet immediately.

Final Words

Can dogs eat yams? Yes, they can. Yams are healthy for dogs as they are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Make sure to boil or bake yams before feeding them to dogs. Don’t feed raw yams as they are harmful and can cause a choking hazard.

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