Can Dogs Eat Waffles?

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Can dogs eat waffles? It is a good sunny Sunday morning, and you want something crispy and crunchy in your breakfast. You have decided to make waffles. While mixing the batter, you noticed that your pet is also interested in your breakfast. Now what? Can dogs eat waffles? Are waffles safe for canines?

Dogs can eat waffles. Nothing is wrong if your puppy takes one or two bites of plain waffles. Dogs can eat waffles that don’t contain anything toxic. So keep making the batter and avoid adding additives that can make your pet ill.


Why “Yes” to Can Dogs Eat Waffles?

The answer lies in the ingredients. A plain waffle contains flour, oil or butter, eggs, sugar, milk, water, and baking powder.

As you see, Nothing in the ingredient list is toxic in small amounts for doggies. That’s why you can go ahead with waffles for your companion.

Remember, not all waffles are the same. Some contain too much sugar, while others contain chocolate chips, xylitol, or other syrups. All are toxic to dogs when ingested in excess.

Generally, dog food is a complete and balanced diet for dogs. They don’t need anything else to meet their nutritional requirements. Moreover, waffles are not an ideal healthy treat. So, you can skip it too.

Can Dogs Eat Waffles With Syrups?

There is no doubt that syrups enhance the taste of waffles. It is what makes them more demanding. People mostly prefer to buy waffles with syrups. That’s why canine owners frequently ask, can dogs eat waffles with syrup too?

Well! The one-word answer is no. No, dogs cannot eat syrupy waffles at all. The sugar content of syrup is relatively high. It may increase the risk of diabetes in your furry companion.

Apart from it, syrups contain many calories. Such a high-calorie intake leads to obesity in canines, and obese dogs are more prone to various health issues. Moreover, for a diabetic dog, syrup plays the role of poison. That’s why avoid feeding your dog waffles with syrup.

How Are Waffles Bad For Dogs?

In small amounts, waffles are not toxic, but they are not a good treat either. Read on to know why we are saying this!

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Contain sugar

Why are waffles so sweet? Of course, because of excessive sugar. Excessive sugar is not suitable for dogs because it causes diabetes. Moreover, it also adds unnecessary calories to a dog’s diet, which is not recommended. Hence, it makes waffles a bad choice.

Can cause salt poisoning

Not only sugar but also salt can put your dog in trouble too. Yes, some waffles contain salts in amounts unsafe for canines. If your dog ingests such waffles, it will result in salt poisoning. The common symptoms of salt poisoning are an upset stomach, lack of muscle coordination, frequent thirst, tremors, and seizures.

Loads of fats

Butter or oil is a must for waffles recipes. The quantity of fats must be okay for you but not for canines. If you add waffles to the daily diet of dogs, they can become sick.

Lactose intolerance

As mentioned, waffles contain milk, and some dogs are lactose intolerant. They lack the enzyme for processing lactose. As a result, they suffer from gastrointestinal issues.

Sugar-free crunchies

You might be thinking of getting sugar-free waffles for your dog after learning about the harms of sugar. But wait! Don’t be hasty!

Sugar-free waffles do not mean a completely safe option. Instead, it’s more unsafe. Since sugar-free varieties mean the ones that have artificial sweeteners like sorbitol and xylitol, both have deteriorating effects on puppies, but xylitol is more dangerous.

Even in small amounts, it causes a sudden insulin rush that lowers the blood sugar to a dangerous level. As a result, your puppy can even die.

On the other hand, sorbitol causes digestive issues, bloating, and flatulence in canines. That is why experts do not recommend waffles as a safe treat for dogs.


Can Dogs Eat Waffles That Are Bought From Stores?

The answer is no. Dogs should not consume store-bought waffles. They contain fewer calories but more chemical additives.

The ultimate effect of these chemicals is a runny stool, disturbed gastrointestinal tract, and several other health problems. For these reasons, it is better to stick to homemade waffles.

The Final Verdict

Can dogs eat waffles? The answer is yes. Dogs can eat waffles but only in moderation. They have no nutritional value for dogs and add only extra calories to your puppy’s diet. Therefore, to save your canine companion, avoid feeding excess waffles.

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