Can Dogs Eat Tums?

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Can dogs eat tums? Tums are good for humans, but what about dogs? Can tums treat upset stomachs in dogs? Well! Don’t think much. The answer is yes! Yes, your canine companion can eat tums, but certain conditions exist. Read on to know more!

Can Dogs Eat Tums?

Can dogs eat tums? It is a question most canine owners ask. But before jumping into the details, let’s shed some light on what tum is. So, here we go.

Tum is an antacid that lowers the stomach’s acid. Its generic name is calcium carbonate. Humans use it for heart burns, upset stomach, and indigestion.


Just like humans, pooches also suffer from stomach discomfort due to acidity. So, yes, in such a case, you can give tums to your dog. But remember, it is just a temporary treatment. The better option is to take your canine companion to a vet for better diagnosis and treatment.

How Are Tums Good For Dogs?

Now that you know the answer to “Can dog eat tums?” Next, you should know the good side of tums too. So, tum is suitable for dogs having:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Gas
  4. Stomach aches
  5. Acid reflux
  6. Heartburn
  7. Indigestion

It can give your four-pawed canine companion a sigh of relief. Before feeding tums, speaking to a veterinarian is a MUST for you. So, don’t forget that.

What’s Bad About Tums?

Though tums are for humans but are still effective for dogs, too, as it is not designed for dogs; being effective does not mean being completely safe. It has a dark side too.

Artificial coloring agents

Many commercially available tums contain coloring agents or dyes. They are unsuitable for pooches having sensitive stomachs as they can deteriorate your dog’s health rather than impart a benefit.

Too much calcium

As tums’ active ingredient is calcium, which can be problematic in excess. Instead of making bones stronger, too much calcium degrade bone health.

Artificial sweeteners

Some tums contain artificial sweeteners like xylitol. For canines, xylitol is not good at all. When dogs ingest anything containing xylitol, it causes the release of too much insulin.

As a result, the pooch’s blood sugar drops dangerously low. It can even cause the death of your pet. If your pet is fortunate enough to escape death, he’ll suffer from kidney or liver failure.

It may cause kidney diseases

Antacids are suitable for treating kidney diseases. On the other hand, they can also cause many other kidney diseases. Hence, making tums a lousy choice for pooches.

Interfere with medications

Yes! Antacids like tums do interfere with medicinal drugs. So make sure your vet knows about your dog’s regular medications.

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What If Your Dog Ingests The Entire Bottle Of Tums?

Can dogs eat tums? Excess of anything is harmful. There’s no doubt that occasionally, tums do not cause any harm, but yes, if consumed in excess, it is dangerous. Here’s what your dog will experience

Vomiting and diarrhea

Excessive tums cause diarrhea and vomiting. These are the most common signs that indicate your dog has eaten something dangerous.


Tums in large quantities make canines lethargic. They become lazy and inactive. So if your dog does not show interest in anything and is always sitting in the corner, it’s an alarm showing that your dog has eaten something dangerous.

Red eyes and itching

Some ingredients in tums can cause allergies in canines, like food dyes. Many dogs are sensitive to them. They cause itching in the entire body and redness in the dog’s eyes.


Since tums come in tablets, they might be stuck in your Fido’s throat. As a result, the dog will start coughing. So if your dog suddenly starts coughing, check his mouth or take her immediately to a vet for examination.


Too many tums make your dog’s stool hard, which ultimately causes constipation. If it lasts long, take help from a vet.


Hypercalcemia is a condition of too high calcium levels in the blood. Large quantities of tums provide extra calcium that can cause organ damage in dogs.


How Many Tums Are Okay For Dogs?

The right amount of tums depends upon the size of your dog. Generally, for a dog weighing 20 pounds, one tablet is enough. Excess of it can cause hypercalcemia and other health issues. Therefore, save your dog by giving a limited amount of tums.

If introducing a pooch to tums, keep the dose small and observe your pup’s reaction. If it’s okay, then you can go ahead with the antacid.

Winding It Up

Can dogs eat tums? Tums are good if your dog has stomach issues. So, yes, dogs can have tums. But we would love to know how you deal with your dog’s stomach issues faces. Share your ways in the comment below.

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