Can Dogs Eat Tortilla Chips?

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We often share our food, like snacks, with our pets. But unlike humans, dogs don’t like these snacks so much. So, you might wonder, Can dogs eat tortilla chips?

Well, the simple answer is “No.” You can give your dog one or two tortilla chips but not more than that. That’s because tortilla chips are unhealthy for your dog.

However, they might enjoy the taste. Tortilla chips are often fried in oil and contain high salt. So, avoid adding them regularly to your dog’s diet.

Read on to know more about, Can dogs eat tortilla chips? So, let’s start.


Are Tortilla Chips Bad For Dogs?

Can dogs eat tortilla chips? No, and here’s why.

First, dogs have a few enzymes to digest carbohydrates. Besides, food rich in sodium can cause bloating and digestive problems in dogs. Therefore, only a few tortilla chips are okay for dogs to consume.

On the other hand, corn present in these snacks is safe for dogs to eat. But to remain safe, it’s better to avoid fried foods for dogs as they might cause bloating.

Tortilla chips have a taste and texture similar to crunchy rice cakes. Generally, they are good alternatives for dogs as they are oil and salt-free.

To make tortilla chips crispy, they are fried in vegetable oil which is unhealthy for your dog. Moreover, the high amount of salt also makes them less suitable for dogs to consume. On top of that, most of these commercial snacks contain different spices that are not good for your pet.

Lastly, these tortilla chips might pose a choking hazard to dogs. So, you need to be concerned about feeding him some large pieces with rough edges.

Home-made Tortilla Chips

Can dogs eat tortilla chips? Are homemade tortilla chips safe for dogs? Tortilla chips are safe for dogs if you have made some at home containing less salt. In this case, they aren’t so bad for dogs.

Besides, tortilla chips can be a nutritious snack for dogs if you remove excess salt. They are a good source of protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and dietary fiber.

What Does Tortilla Contain?

There are the following ingredients found in plain tortilla chips:

  • Vegetable Oil
  • Salt
  • Corn

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Corn is considered a food allergen, so it’s better to avoid it if your pet has an allergy. Another concern is salt. However, overconsumption of tortilla chips can cause obesity in dogs. In addition, vegetable oil found in tortilla chips is not healthy for your furry friends.

In short, tortilla chips offer little nutritional value except for small amounts of protein and fiber.

Can Dogs Eat Tortilla Chips Regularly?

No, regular tortilla chips to your dog’s diet is not safe. That’s because high salt and oil are unhealthy for your dog. So, you can give dogs one or two tortilla chips once or twice a week.

In case of any indigestion or bloating, stop feeding him tortilla chips, even small amounts. If you want to give them as a treat to your dog, go for the plain one without any spices. Make sure to feed him a baked one instead of tortilla chips fried in oils.

Can Dogs Eat Tortilla Chips As Dog Treats?

It’s important to mention that not all tortilla chips are safe for dogs. Some of them contain spices and vegetable oil which are harmful to dogs.

Well, giving dogs some healthy versions of tortilla chips as an occasional dog treat is okay. However, this is only good if your dog has no food allergies.

Today, some low-fat and even zero-fat tortilla chips are available on the market. So, they can be a good choice for your puppy. But remember that these tortilla chips have no nutritional value for dogs.

Things to Do If Your Dog Ate Tortilla Chips

If your dog can eat lots of tortilla chips, you must immediately take him to a vet. If he vomits more often, you should stop giving him food and water for the next few hours.

You can take veterinary guidance on call by telling him your dog’s breed and weight. You can give additional information like tortilla chips ingredients or how much your dog ate. This will help your vet to understand the situation clearly.


Final Thoughts – Can dogs eat tortilla chips?

To sum up, Can dogs eat tortilla chips? No, as these tortilla chips aren’t safe for your dog. However, you can give your puppy one or two tortilla chips one or two times a week.

They might cause choking in your pet, and overconsumption leads to obesity, dehydration, and excessive thirst. In case of frequent vomiting in your pet, you need to call your vet immediately.

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