Can Dogs Eat Salami?

can dogs eat salami
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If you own a dog, you know they like to beg! Sometimes, it is hard to say “No” to our fur babies. Before you give in to your dog’s demands, it is important to check if food is safe for your pup to digest. Can Dogs Eat Salami?

Dogs generally love lunch meat, and if you are enjoying some salami, your dog will probably want some. You may be wondering, can dogs eat salami?

As we will discuss, the answer is a bit complicated.

Is Salami Good for My Dog?

Salami is by no means good for your dog. Salami is full of fat and salt. This puts your pup at risk for developing pancreatic issues or even salt poisoning.

The high amount of salt in salami also increases your dog’s risk of kidney failure. A pup’s kidneys help balance nutrient intake, and the high sodium can stress their kidneys. Symptoms of kidney problems in canines include ulcers in the mouth, unusual weight loss, pale gums, and blood in your dog’s urine.

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There are a ton of preservatives in dried meats that are not healthy for your pup. Additionally, different-sized dogs have different nutrient intakes.

If you have a smaller or medium-sized dog, stay clear of salami. The amount of sodium and nitrates in salami is well past the recommended daily intake for dogs.

Is Salami Safe For Dogs?

To answer the question “can dogs eat salami” simply put it is: “Yes, they can.” Why? Because salami is not toxic to dogs. However, just because salami is not toxic does not mean it is beneficial for your dog’s health. So we suggest very small quantities only. It is not healthy for your dog at all.

You will be much better off giving your pooch other types of meats that are not as processed, such as chicken breast.

What Do I Do If My Dog Eats Salami?

If your pup gets a hold of salami, there is generally no reason to panic. You may need to worry if your dog ate an extremely high amount of salami or if your pup is on the smaller side.

If your dog eats salami, keep an eye on him or her. Make sure your furry friend is not urinating too much or acting funny.

If your dog consumed too much salami, your pup would likely need to go out to pee more than usual. This is the most common symptom dogs experience after eating salami. If this happens, make sure your dog has access to fresh water and continue to keep an eye on him or her.

Salami made for dog, however, is a different story:

Other Symptoms to Watch For

More serious symptoms of your pup eating too much salami is vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, incoordination, tremors, seizures, or even a coma. If this happens, you may need to take your canine to the vet for help.

Additionally, just because salami is not toxic for dogs does not mean salami has ingredients that are not toxic for dogs.

Did you Know?

Sausages are also not great for your dogs. We’ve written about this here: Can Dogs Eat Sausages?

Sometimes, salami will have very dangerous ingredients for dogs to consume. This can be potentially very serious. For example, onion and garlic are extremely toxic to dogs.

According to the American Kennel Club, all forms of garlic and onions are toxic to dogs, including garlic and onion powder. Garlic and onion powders are more concentrated than fresh garlic and onions, making them more potent to dogs.

Garlic and onion powder are sometimes an ingredient in salami. To keep your pup safe, it is better to avoid salami as much as you can.

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