Can Dogs Eat Ritz Crackers?

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Can dogs eat ritz crackers? Ritz crackers are famous snacks that come in a disc shape and are slightly salty. Everybody loves Ritz crackers as make a quick and convenient snack while watching Netflix or studying.

But can dogs eat Ritz crackers? Are they safe for dogs? The answer is NO. Dogs should not eat Ritz crackers as they are made with ingredients that are harmful to dogs’ health.

Ritz crackers might be your favourite snack, but these crackers are nothing more than a danger for a dog.

They are rich in sugar, salts, fats and carbohydrates that are unhealthy for pups. Want to know more about the topic in detail? Keep on reading.


Are Ritz Crackers Harmful For Dogs?

Can dogs eat Ritz crackers? No, they cannot. They cause more harm to dogs than good. Here are the ingredients in the Ritz crackers that can make your pet sick.

1.    Carbs

Dogs mainly require animal proteins in their diet, so they don’t necessarily need carbohydrates for good health.

But as Ritz crackers contain carbs, eating crackers in large amounts will exceed the minimum amount required by dogs which can be problematic. Ritz crackers contain about 11gram of carbohydrates.

2.    Sodium

Like carbs, dogs also require little salt for normal metabolism, but excess can cause health problems.

Eating too many Ritz crackers will elevate the thirst level of the dog, resulting in more water intake and more usage of the litter box.

Excess sodium can also lead to the serious health issue of dehydration. About 5 Ritz crackers contain 120mg of sodium in them.

3.    Sugar

You might think Ritz crackers are sugar-free, but they are not. They contain enough sugar to cause health issues in dogs.

Excess eating of crackers means excess sugar consumption, which can cause weight gain and lead to long-term health problems like obesity and type 2 diabetes. 5 Ritz crackers contain about 2gram of sugar.

4.    Fats

Fats in dogs do not raise the cholesterol level like in humans. But in dogs, excess fat consumption can contribute to weight gain and obesity. Single servings of Ritz crackers contain about 2.5 grams of fat.

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Are Ritz Crackers Healthy For Dogs?

Can dogs eat Ritz Crackers? Dogs should not eat Ritz crackers as the ingredients like carbs, sugar, salt, and fats harm dogs’ health.

But few ingredients in the crackers can benefit the dog. Here are Ritz crackers’ ingredients that can offer some benefits to dogs.

1.    Calcium

Calcium is an essential mineral for dogs’ health. It is required for maintaining healthy teeth and bones. Calcium also helps in blood clotting, muscle contraction and expansion.

This nutrient is required for normal cell functioning and prevents the dogs from lethargy, rickets and muscle twitching. If your dog eats 5 Ritz crackers, it will provide 2% calcium for the dog’s daily requirement.

2.    Protein

Ritz crackers contain protein required by the dog’s body for maintaining energy levels and muscle strength. It also helps the dog to feel full for a long time thus, helps to reduce weight. 5 Ritz crackers provide about 1 gram of protein to dogs.

3.    Iron

Iron is also an essential mineral required by the body for oxygen transfer and storage. Iron also helps to prevent anemia in dogs.

Iron is present in red beans and various green veggies, but if your dog becomes iron deficient, it will require iron supplements. If dogs eat 5 Ritz crackers a day, it will add to 2% of the daily iron requirement.  

Should I Feed Ritz Crackers To My Dog or Not?

The harms mentioned above and the benefits might have confused you. Can dogs eat Ritz crackers or not?

So the answer is no! Though Ritz crackers also have healthy ingredients like calcium, iron and protein, the harmful effects outweigh the benefits. So it is better to avoid feeding Ritz crackers to dogs.

If you want to feed some crackers to let him join you in fun, then only feed 5 Ritz crackers per day and do not exceed the amount. This will prevent the dog from eating too much and thus keep it from getting any health problems.


Summing Up

Can dogs eat Ritz crackers? No, they cannot! Ritz crackers are not a healthy choice for dogs. They are rich in sugar, salt, carbs and fats that can make dogs obese, cause dehydration and increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Though calcium, iron and protein are healthy for dogs, the harmful ingredients make the case problematic. It is best to avoid Ritz crackers and give some healthy snacks to dogs for eating.

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