Can Dogs Eat Raw Pork?

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Can dogs eat raw pork? Eating meat is super healthy for dogs. Meat such as chicken and beef is essential to commercially prepared dog foods. But what about pork? Can dogs eat raw pork?

Well, lets us answer this for you. Dogs cannot eat raw or undercooked pork because of the risk of parasite infection.


Why Is Raw Pork Harmful For Dogs?

If your family loves to eat sausages, bacon, or pork ribs, there is a high possibility that you want it to feed your little companion as well.

But wait! Can dogs eat raw pork? The answer is no! Raw or undercooked pork has a parasite called trichinella spiralis, which causes infection trichinosis.

What Are the Symptoms of Parasitic Infection?

The infection Trichinosis occurs when dogs eat raw pork. The larvae of the causative parasite grow in the intestines and muscles.

When dogs eat the muscle meat of the infected animal, it leads to infection. This infection has the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • High fever
  • Weakness
  • Upset stomach
  • Severe pain and stiffness
  • Diarrhea

How to Treat Trichinosis?

If your dog is suffering from a parasitic infection after accidentally eating raw pork, the first thing you need to do is to stay calm.

Next, take your dog to an experienced vet. The doctor will give the antiparasitic drug to treat the infection.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Pork?

Can dogs eat raw pork or cooked pork? Dogs cannot eat raw pork as it can make them severely ill, but dogs can eat cooked pork in moderation.

The critical thing to remember while preparing any meaty treat for dogs is to avoid any additives or seasonings such as:

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Nutmeg
  • Sugar and Salt
  • Barbecue sauce

Did you Know?

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These seasonings are highly toxic for dogs to eat. If you want your pet to enjoy pork with you, give him a plain, little piece.

If your dog eats some pork cooked with additives, keep a look at it for a while. Take your dog to the vet if you notice any unusual symptoms.

Can Dogs Eat Pork Bones?

Can dogs eat raw pork? Are pork bones safe for dogs? No, cooked pork bones are not safe for dogs. They are very soft and brittle; hence there is a chance that pork bones will break in the digestive tract and can get lodged, causing choking.

In this case, the dog manages to swallow the broken pieces; it will cut the walls of the digestive tract, causing severe internal injury.

Though raw bones have lesser chances of splintering, there is still the risk of breaking into sharp little pieces. If your dog loves to chew bones, give it an edible dental chew bone of good quality.

Can Dogs Eat Preserved Pork?

Is preserved pork like ham or bacon safe for dogs? Well, no. Dogs should not eat bacon or ham as WHO found these types to cause cancer in dogs.

Bacon is highly rich in fats and salt, making it difficult for dogs to digest. Too much bacon can lead to pancreatitis in dogs which can even cause death in severe cases.

Ham is also unsafe as it increases the thirst level in dogs and causes a fatal condition known as Bloat. In this condition, the dog’s stomach gets filled with food, gas, or fluid, causing it to expand excessively.

It also has high salt content, which can lead to dehydration and make the dog drink water in excessive amounts.

How Much Pork Is Safe For Dogs To Eat?

Can dogs eat raw pork? Raw pork is not safe for dogs at all. However, you can feed cooked pork to dogs. Try giving it a small amount first to see if the dog shows any allergic reaction.

If everything seems fine, you can proceed to feed pork to the dog. Do not give cooked pork in large amounts, even if it is safe.

This is because pork has high amounts of fat that can cause stomach issues, indigestion, and inflammation in the pancreas.

What Are the Alternatives of Raw Pork for Dogs?

If you want your dog to enjoy the health benefits of meat, consider feeding it chicken. Chicken as meat is rich in protein, fats, essential minerals, and amino acids.

Dog experts recommend feeding dogs simple, plain, boiled chicken to dogs without any seasonings. Boiled chicken is also a great option when your companion is suffering from any form of gastrointestinal problem.


Final Thoughts

Can dogs eat raw pork? Raw pork is not safe for dogs. If you want, consider feeding cooked pork, but that too in moderation. Pork is rich in fat, leading to indigestion and upset stomach.

Don’t forget to remove bones while cooking pork. Pork bones are brittle and can break into pieces while eating, causing internal injury in dogs.

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